1 Cor 7.10-16, 20 - Marriage and Children with Christ

Date: 10/5/2014
Type: Sunday Sermon
Price: FREE

Sermon Outline


Theme: marriage and parenting is an opportunity to expand and enrich the kingdom of God.  A Christian may divorce a   spouse who is unwilling to peaceably allow Christian practice.



I. 20 – the Corinthian question, and basic answer




     A.  Back to 1 Corinthians 7:1a




II. 10-11 – stay married if you both are believers




III. 12-13 – if one is not a believer, stay married anyway




     A. 14, 16 – why? opportunity for influence




IV.15 – if that influence isn’t happening and they leave,                  fine.

Steve Hemmeke Pastor of Covenant Heritage Reformed Church, in Newport News, Virginia