The Elijah Typology of Mark and the Gospels Longer Ending

Part 13 of a 14 part series.
Organization: ETS National
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A talk from the 2007 National Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, the 59th Annual Meeting, held in San Diego. The theme was “Teaching Them to Obey,” which focuses on one of the many dimensions of the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus. Plenary speakers: Douglas J. Moo (Wheaton College), Christopher J.H. Wright (Langham Partnership International), Philip Jenkins (Penn State University), and David Wells (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary).
Warren Gage Associate Professor of Old Testament at Knox Theological Seminary. Dr. Gage is trained in Old Testament, philosophy, history, and law, and spent ten years as a trial attorney. Publications “The Gospel, Zion’s Barren Woman and the Ethiopian Enuch” Crux :June 1994 Vol XXX, No. 2. Co-authored with John Randolph Beck. ''Ruth Upon the Threshing Floor and the Sin of Gibeah: A Biblical-Theological Study''... read more

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