The Ethics of Church Music (Psalter defense 2)

Date: 5/27/2012
Type: Lecture
Topic: Music Worship
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Lecture 2

The church needs a new Psalter, with better music!  

But first, what is the church trying to accomplish with its song?  And how can we make sure our selections accomplish that?
Michael reasons that we should select our church music texts by asking, "Do we believe it?" and "Is it appropriate?"  Then we should select music by asking, "Is this the most appropriate for the words?"  And perform it in a way most appropriate to the words and music together. 
Each point is demonstrated with examples from the hymnal. 
Delivered at West Side Baptist Church, Gouverneur, NY.
Michael E. Owens Michael E. Owens is an amateur musician serving the Reformed and Mennonite communities from Lancaster County, PA. Michael was born in 1974, and is a piano technician and music engraver by trade.