Wonderful grace of Jesus

Type: Concert
Price: FREE

First line: Wonderful grace of Jesus
stanzas: 1, 2
Genre: modern gospel song
Source: Trinity Hymnal, Baptist Edition 702
Composer: Haldor Lillenas ©
Author: Haldor Lillenas ©
Singer: Michael E. Owens
Quality: 2
Comments: It's a bit like a game song, but it manages to squeeze into my Worthy Gospel Song category by means of the stanza 2 alteration.  Really the main problem with including any gospel songs is that Bad Music Drives Out Good: if you have any gospel songs, everyone will automatically sing them first, so the really profound, challenging and rewarding music never gets tried. As proof, witness this song's popularity on WordMP3: it's always in my top five downloads!  What gives?!

Michael E. Owens Michael E. Owens is an amateur musician serving the Reformed and Mennonite communities from Lancaster County, PA. Michael was born in 1974, and is a piano technician and music engraver by trade. www.noteworthymusicservices.com