The Stupidity of Uncovenanted Sex

Date: 3/20/2011
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Type: Sunday Sermon
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Fornication, adultery, and all porneia are a slander against God, because we're made in His image.  The problem with people who fall to un-covenanted sex is not that they emphasize sex too much but too little.  They think too little of the glory of sex because they depersonalize it and reduce it to mere impulses of selfish lust.  But glorious sex is intensely personal and the personhood of the gift is what makes it so great to those seeking righteousness.  We exult in this great gift of God.  But to those craving lust it is that personal nature of sex that comes back to bite them.

Joost Nixon Joost Nixon has served as Pastor of Christ Church (Spokane, WA) since 2001. He is the executive editor of St. Anne's Public House (an audio magazine) and a contributing editor to Credenda/Agenda magazine.