Exhortation: False Pietism and Pragmatism

Date: 12/11/2005
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Topic: Exhortation
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In this exhortation, Pastor Stout elaborates on the general wars of the day against the Church and Christmas. Several large churches are no longer gathering for service because it is Christmas. Some have said that having a Church service on Christmas is a waste of volunteer service.

Two great evils in the Church:

First, there is a  False Pietism, which is concerned about the merchants outside the temple, and secondly the pragmatist establish the Church calendar on  basis of those outside the Church.


Alan Stout Pastor Stout serves as staff elder at Providence Church alongside his career in the Department of the Navy, Center for Information Dominance. Pastor Stout was born in nearby Milton, Florida, in 1965. He brings biblical wisdom, compassion, and integrity to the leadership of the church, along with passion for the gospel. He retired from active duty in the Navy in 2005. His Navy service allowed him to... read more