Karen Longman

 Karen  Longman

Karen A. Longman is program director and a professor of higher education in the department of higher education at Azusa Pacific University, and a co-editor of a book series titled Women and Leadership: Research, Theory, and Practice, sponsored by the International Leadership Association. For information on the series, see She also serves as director of the CCCU Women’s Leadership Development Institutes and the CCCU Women’s Advancement Leadership Institutes.

Karen has personally educated, mentored and inspired some of the most pioneering egalitarians in Christian higher education. Her research has helped to expose the representation gap in the Christian academy and has challenged those in higher education to do better at including women in positions of leadership. Karen’s research brings sobriety, strategy, and solidarity for those working to advance God’s gifts in women globally.

In 2017, CBE awarded Karen a Lifetime Achievement award, in recognition of her ongoing efforts to promote biblical gender equality.

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