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A Reading of Matthew 28:16-20 Ron Minton $2.00
An Out-of-Season Look at the Shepherd Pericope (Luke 2:... Bill Arp FREE
Brad F. Mellon - Is Exodus 17 a Common Source for Matthew... Brad F. Mellon $4.00
Developing Principles for Theological Exegesis from the... Gordon Olson $2.00
Discerning the Narrative in the Narratives: A Biblical-Theological... Paul House $2.00
Dispensationalism and the Problem of Old Testament Narr... Carl Sanders $2.00
Dr. Mark W. Karlberg - New Vistas in OT Narrative: Geerhardus... Mark Karlberg $2.00
Irrealis in Biblical Narrative: Why Describe What Didn't... Fred Putnam $2.00
Kenosis and Incarnation in Philippians 2:5-11 Bruce McCormack $3.00
Let Him Kiss Me: An Exploration of the Theological Significance... Mark McGinniss $2.00
Luke's Doctrine of Scripture in the Acts Narrative Jeff Riddle FREE
Narrative Portrayal and Reader Participation in the Theological... Joshua Arp $2.00
Simon Peter: The Subject of a Lukan Intertextual Comple... Justin Gohl $2.00
Tearing Down the House: Jesus' Symbolic Destruction of the... Gregg Strawbridge FREE
The Characterization of God: Exodus 34:6-7 in Biblical... Paul House $3.00
The Church in Exile: A Theological Reading of the Old and... Brian Toews $2.00
The Lord Is Christ's Shepherd: An Alternate Christological... Douglas J. Green $4.00
Thoughts on Theological Exegesis: Alternate Models of Coherence... Peter E. Enns FREE
W. Travis McMaken, The Centrality and Generosity of Jesus:... Travis McMaken $2.00