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01 James R. A. Merrick Introducing the Discussion James R.A. Merrick $4.00
02 R. Albert Mohler Jr. Classic Inerrancy is Necessary for... Albert Mohler FREE
03 Peter E. Enns Abandoning Inerrancy Is Necessary for Evangelical... Peter E. Enns $4.00
04 Michael F. Bird Inerrancy is Not Necessary for Evangelicalism... Michael F. Bird $4.00
05 Kevin J. Vanhoozer Augustinian Inerrancy A WellVersed... Kevin J Vanhoozer $4.00
06 John R. Franke Inerrancy and the Missional God John R. Franke $4.00
07 Mohler Enns Bird Franke Panel Discussion Five Views... MULTIPLE SPEAKERS $4.00
Ashish J. Naidu The First AdamSecond Adam Typology in John... Ashish J. Naidu $4.00
Christopher Dost On Jots and Tittles The Tiberian Masorah... $4.00
Christopher Hall Panel Discussion and Respondent Adam Eve... Christopher A. Hall $4.00
Craig Blaising ETS and Inerrancy Reflections on the Pinnock... Craig Blaising $4.00
Edward L. Smither Augustine on the Protoevangelium Gen.... Edward L. Smither $4.00
Ernest Manges Two Mothers in History and Salvation Eve... Ernest Manges $4.00
Harry Hoffner The Kings Speech Royal Rhetoric as Royal... FREE
Holly Beers Gentiles as the Servant Lukes Isaianic Model... FREE
John Lee The Christological Use of EI ME EIS HO THEOS in... $4.00
Jonathan Morgan The Nature of the Fall and Scope of Salvation... Jonathan Morgan $4.00
Ken Radant Maps and Methodological Frameworks Tools for... $4.00
Paul Gould A Defense of Modified Theistic Activism Gods... $4.00
Paul Hartog Personal Judgments and Ecclesial Beliefs in... Paul Hartog $4.00
Randall Buth A Pinnacle Program What the Church Needs... Randall Buth $4.00