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01 Teaching Them to Obey Douglas Moo $3.00
02 OT Ethics in Covenantal and Missional Perspective Christopher J.H. Wright $3.00
03 Now that Faith Has Come Philip Jenkins $3.00
04 Christian Discipleship in a Postmodern World David Wells $3.00
1 Corinthians 7:9 and Teaching Sexual Purity in a Church... Jason S. Sexton $4.00
13 In Obedience to the Commands of Jesus: The Response of... WIlliam H. Day $4.00
40 Years On Temple Mount Research Since 1967 Leen Ritmeyer $4.00
4QJerb and the Text of Jeremiah Todd S Beall $4.00
A Biblical Answer to the Problem of Evil Scobie P. Smith $4.00
A Difficult Obedience: The We Narrator Paul and the Spirit... Michael A. Salmeier $4.00
A FamilyValues Trinity? The Use of Trinitarian Doctrine... Randall Rauser $4.00
A Followup to David Wellss Plenary Address David Wells $4.00
A Further Response to William Lane Craigs Fictionalism R. Scott Smith $4.00
A Historical Reading of Genesis 11:19: The Sumerian Demise... Paul T. Penley $4.00
A Historiographical Comparison of the Assyrian Royal Inscriptions... Debra T. Dyk $4.00
A Look at Jeremiah 31:22 Jack G. Lewis $4.00
A Meta Study on the Debate Over the Meaning of Head in Pauls... Alan F. Johnson $4.00
A More Inward Manner: Bernard Lonergans Contribution to... R. J. Snell $4.00
A Passion for God: The Philosophical Theology of Paul H... John W. Shouse $4.00
A Perspective of Reformed Epistemology on Logics of the... John K. Park $4.00
A Proposal for Right Handed Teaching for Spiritual Form... Kevin E. Lawson $4.00
A Study of the Relevance of the Great Awakening Movement... Yungsil Park $4.00
A Study on the Relationship Between the English Puritan... JongHun Yoon $4.00
A Text Linguistic Analysis of the AmnonTamar Narrative 2... $4.00
A Theological and Psychological Examination of the Socially... Robert W. Evans $4.00
A Transforming Vision: Spiritual Formation and Worship in... Steve Roy $4.00
Abraham Blessing and the Nations: A Proposed Paradigm Benjamin J. Noonan $4.00
Additional Insights into Pauls View of Divine Sovereignty... Doug Finkbeiner $4.00
Aemulator Et Imitator: Posidiuss Vita Augustini as a FifthCentury... Edward L. Smither $4.00
Amazing Grace in Spiritual Formation David B. Wyrtzen $4.00
An Apologists Evening Prayer: Reflections on the Psalms... Donald T. Williams $4.00
An Armenian Perspective on the Search for Noahs Ark Rick Lanser $4.00
An Epistemology of Faith: The Role of Belief in Knowing Tim Yoder $4.00
An Evaluation of the MultiSite Church Movement Thomas White $4.00
An Evangelical Approach to Old Testament Narrative Crit... Danny Hays $4.00
An International Harvest: The Present Form of the Kingdom... Walt Russell $4.00
And Kings Shall Come Forth From You: Abrahams Royal Seed... David D. Pettus $4.00
And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch:... Steve Strauss $4.00
Apologetic Argumentation: Christian Confession and the Bible... John A. Adair $4.00
Apostasy in the Hebrews Warning Passages Revisited Robert A. Peterson $4.00
Are Body and Flesh in 1 Corinthians 6:16 Being Used as Synonyms... B. Ward Powers $4.00
Are Disciples Born or Made? Charles C. Bing $4.00
Are We Teaching Them to Obey the Message of the Cross? The... Jason Hood $4.00
Area M at Hazor Revisited Gordon Franz $4.00
Ascriptivism and Women in Missions Mimi Haddad $4.00
Attaining God: Ministry and Martyrdom in Ignatius of An... Carl B. Smith $4.00
Attending Carefully to His Command Obedience as a Life... Woodrow E. Walton $4.00
Augustines Doctrine of Creation L. Russ Bush $4.00
Baptismal Practice and Theology of Augustine Bishop of Hippo... Rex D. Butler $4.00
Basic Ecclesial Communities: Lessons for Evangelical House... Earl Waggoner $4.00
Basil Manly Jr. and the Southern Baptist Sunday School... Timothy M. McAlhaney $4.00
Be Fruitful and Multiply: A Holistic Old Testament Perspective... Jamie Viands $4.00
Be It Ever So Humble...: Homelessness Christian Realism... W. David Buschart FREE
Beauty Virtue and Wisdom Michele Armstrong $4.00
Bethsaida and Other Fortified Cities in Northern Israel... Boyd Seevers $4.00
Better Than Sacrifice Grenville Kent $4.00
Beyond Respectability: Forging a Radical Paradigm for Christian... Fred Smith $4.00
Biblical Inerrancy for a Postmodern Age: A Reply to Raschke... Alan Padgett $4.00
Biblicism Evangelism and Social Action: Inseparable Ideals... Mimi Haddad $4.00
Brian McLaren: Gone Native or Crazy Like a Fox? Jason Poling $4.00
But beyond this my son be warned: Inspiration and Divine... Richard Schultz $4.00
C. S. Lewis and the Irrationality of Calvinisms Terrible... David Baggett $4.00
C. S. Lewis Platonism and Aslans Country: Symbols of Heaven... H. Dennis Fisher $4.00
Calvins Evangelistic Zeal as Exemplified in Crespins Ma... Thomas P. Johnston $4.00
Can Discourse Analysis Help Solve the Problem of James... William Varner $4.00
Can Friendship Redeem Eros or Do We Need to Read Great Books... Timothy P. Erdel $4.00
Can Naturalism Capture the Wonder of It All? Terri Merrick $4.00
Can We Teach People to Love Each Other? Insights from Theology... Mark H. Heinemann $4.00
Canonical Effect of the Antecedent Scriptures to the Formation... Alan KamYau Chan $4.00
Carl F. H. Henry Propositional Revelation and Semantic... Justin Grace $4.00
Caspar Olevianus and the Old Perspective on Paul R. Scott Clark $4.00
Challenging the Accepted Western Hermeneutics: Is There... Jinkyu Kim $4.00
Charismatic Experience as Religious Experience: An Evidential... Craig Thompson $4.00
Charles Dickenss Views of Baptism and the Lords Supper Helen J. Aling $4.00
Chiasm in the Gospel of John: General Survey and Proposal... Lars Kierspel $4.00
Christian Artists and Art Critics: The Apologetic Value... Joseph D. Wooddell $4.00
Christian Formation Toward What End? A Model of Three Foundational... Klaus Issler $4.00
Christian Obedience in Light of Psalm 119 W. Creighton Marlowe $4.00
Christian Theodicy in Light of Genesis and Modern Science:... Terry Mortenson $4.00
Christopher Colombus and the Ethics of Eschatology J. Kameron Carter $4.00
Christopher Wrights The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bibles... $4.00
Christopher Wrights The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bibles... Eckhard J. Schnabel $4.00
Classifying Irony Conceptually: John as a Test Case Brian Larsen $4.00
Cognition and Faith Formation: A Reflection on the Interrelationship... Jonathan H. Kim $4.00
Cognitive Therapy and Personal Suffering: Treating Our Worst... Gary Habermas FREE
Colin Guntons Critique of the Evangelical Doctrine of God... Craig Carter $4.00
Compatibilism and the Incarnation: Christological Implications... Marc Cortez $4.00
Confessions of a Confucianist Sheryl Takagi Silzer $4.00
Connecting with the Unchurched through Sports Evangelis... Josef Solc $4.00
Consented Obedience Legitimate Authority: Reflections on... Eddie N. Colanter $4.00
Criticizing Criticism: Rethinking What Historical Criticism... Ray Lubeck $4.00
Crucial Mistranslations in Lukes Gospel C. Gordon Olson $4.00
Curing Cartesian Anxiety: Some Criteria for a Fallibilist... Thomas A. Provenzola $4.00
Dating Daniels Throne Vision Ryan E. Stokes $4.00
Death Before the Fall? An Analysis of Bill Dembskis Theodicy... Gregory Smith $4.00
Debate on Noahs Ark: Affirming Agri Dagh in Turkey Rex Geissler $4.00
Debate on Noahs Ark: Affirming Cudi Dagh in Turkey Bill Crouse $4.00
Demons and Believers: What Shall We Teach? Gerry Breshears $4.00
Descartes Philosophy Reconciled with Augustines Theology:... Jason Benjamin Oakes $4.00
Destined to Disobey: Isaiah 6:910 in John 12:3740 Donald E. Hartley $4.00