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A Response to N. T. Wrights Resurrection of the Son of... John Dominic Crossan $3.00
An Introduction to the Christian Thought of Eugen Rosen... Michael McDuffee $3.00
Are Only Some Words Breathed Out by God Plenary Inspiriation... Wayne Grudem $3.00
Concepts Truth and Fullness of Meaning Fullness versus Reductionistic... Vern S. Poythress $3.00
Creation Out of Nothing A Philosophical and Scientific... William Lane Craig $3.00
Defending Constantine (1): An Overview Peter J. Leithart $3.00
Defending Constantine (2): Kings Shall Come from You Peter J. Leithart $3.00
Defending Constantine (3): The Legacy of AntiConstantin... Peter J. Leithart $4.00
Discussion on Dembski's Darwin's Berlin Wall William A Dembski FREE
Does Justifying Faith Include Evangelical Obedience in the... Samuel Waldron $3.00
ETS 2004 National Meeting - What is Truth (21 selected... $49.00
ETS 2005 - Christian in the Early Centuries (USB) $97.00
ETS 2006 - Christians in the Public Square (USB) $199.00
Exodus and the Problem of History Peter E. Enns $3.00
Inerrancy and Truth Roger Nicole FREE
Lost in Interpretation - Truth Scripture and Interpreta... Kevin J Vanhoozer $3.00
Panel Response to N. T. Wright (on the Resurrection) and... N. T. Wright $3.00
Syntactical and Text-Critical Observations on John 20 30-31-Purpose... DA Carson FREE
Tell the Truth Five Myths about Essentially Literal Bible... Leland Ryken $3.00
The Empty Tomb of Jesus - Examining Two Dozen Recent Ar... Gary Habermas $3.00
The Resurrection of the Son of God N. T. Wright FREE
The Use of Old Testament Prophecy in the New Testament -... Gregory K. Beale FREE
The Use of Old Testament Prophecy in the New Testament -... Gregory K. Beale $3.00
Truth and Contemporary Culture Albert Mohler FREE
Truth and Contemporary Philosophy J.P. Moreland $3.00
Truth, Computer Origins, and the Defense of the Faith John Warwick Montgomery $3.00
What is Truth Pilate's Question in it Johannine and Larger... Andreas J. Köstenberger $3.00