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-PLENARY SESSION 1: Individual and Community: Lessons from... David Cook $3.00
-PLENARY SESSION 2: Towards Communal Christian Ethics: An... Samuel Kunhiyop $3.00
-PLENARY SESSION 3: BiblicallyBased Ethics: Whats Missi... John F. Kilner $4.00
-PLENARY SESSION 4: On the Intersection of Faith Economics... Scott B. Rae FREE
3 Meter Digital Elevation Models to Interpret: 3D Color... Rod Schon $4.00
4Q521 Messianic Apocalypse and the Historical Jesus: Illuminating... $4.00
50 Factors within Nations that Determine Their Wealth or... Wayne Grudem $4.00
A 19th Century Evangelical Apology for New Testament Text... $4.00
A BiblicalTheological Case for the Divine Persons Comprehensive... Dennis W. Jowers $4.00
A Christian Definition of Social Justice Van Campbell $4.00
A Christian Ethic for Public Discourse Woodrow E. Walton $4.00
A Critique of the Historiographical Construal of America... John D. Wilsey $4.00
A Dead Daughter and a Silent God: Facing the Ethical Challenges... Robert B Chisholm $4.00
A Discussion of the Doctrine of Sanctification In the Chongshin... $4.00
A Distinction without a Moral Difference? Terminal Sedation... $4.00
A Literary and Hermeneutical Look at the Ending of Acts $4.00
A Marriage Made in the Millennium: When Origen Became a... $4.00
A Matter of Feeling: The Ethics of Emotions $4.00
A MetaEthical Model for Business Ethics for MetaPlannin... $4.00
A Method Most Beautiful and Entertaining: An Approach to... $4.00
A Newish Argument against Humanism $4.00
A Pathetic Description of the Laws Enemies: The Catena of... $4.00
A Pauline Theology of Preaching R. Larry Overstreet $4.00
A Peculiar Love: Ecumenical Reflections on John Wesleys... Joel Scandrett $4.00
A Response to Reviews Concerning The Doctrine of the Christian... John M. Frame $4.00
A Review and Critique of John Frame's The Doctrine of the... Douglas Moo $4.00
A Review and Critique of John Frame's The Doctrine of the... Russell Moore $4.00
A Ruled Reading of Scripture: Learning to Do Theological... $4.00
A Search for Historical Evidence of Josephs Impact on E... Douglas Petrovich $4.00
A Series of Unfortunate Events: How Hezekiahs Interrupted... $4.00
A Summary and Evaluation of Jeffrey Niehaus Ancient Near... Stephen Dempster $4.00
A Theological and Missional Account of Christian Community... Paul Louis Metzger $4.00
A Theology of God in the Epistle of James Charles Savelle $4.00
A VirtueEthical View of Sanctification: Jesus Role as Teacher... Ronald Rothenberg $4.00
A Young Mans Difficulty with His Bible: Abandoning a Fathers... $4.00
Adoption and the Renewal of Creation: How the Churchs Mission... Russell Moore $4.00
Adulterers Who Judge Adultery: The Role of Lovers in Ezekiel... Eric J. Tully $4.00
Aesthetics versus Ethics: Is There Good and Evil in Mus... $4.00
Agent Causation and Moral Accountability $4.00
Agents of Change: The Role of Women in Transforming the... $4.00
Akhenaten Moses and Monotheism Edwin M. Yamauchi $4.00
Albert Barnes and the Edwardsean AntiSlavery Tradition Mark Draper $4.00
All Are Elect Few Are Elect: Understanding New Testament... Glen Shellrude $4.00
All that Jazz: The Culture and Theology Underpinning Jazz... William Edgar $4.00
All that Jazz: The Culture and Theology Underpinning Jazz... William Edgar $4.00
All that Jazz: The Culture and Theology Underpinning Jazz... William Edgar $4.00
Am I Latino or Just Liminal and Does It Matter? Dialoguing... $4.00
American Evangelicals in Germany: Their Contribution to... $4.00
American Holiness Denominations and the Inerrancy of Sc... Daryl McCarthy $4.00
An AntiNaturalist Argument from Beauty $4.00
An Appraisal of the ESV Study Bible James A. Borland $4.00
An Evaluation of the New Works by Oswalt and Niehaus Daniel I. Block $4.00
An Evangelical Premise for Separatism? The New Reformation... Bruce Snavely $4.00
An Exegetical and Theological Study of Daniel 11 with Hermeneutical... Thomas Finley $4.00
An Exercise in Theology and Ethics: Preaching the Story... Steve Mathewson $4.00
An Exploration into NT Scholars Use of OT Lament Terminology... $4.00
An Old Testament Model of Social Justice Michael A. Harbin $4.00
An Understanding of the Nature of Hypocrisy Is an Essential... $4.00
Ancient Artistic Representations of Head kephale as Source... $4.00
Ancient Egyptian Dos and Donts: Right Living in the Land... $4.00
Ancient Exorcists Demons and the Name of Jesus $4.00
Antinomianism and Seventeenth Century Baptists $4.00
AntiSyrian Bias in LXXAmos $4.00
Apostolic Hermeneutics Revisited: An Examination of Enns... David B. Sloan $4.00
Are there Hidden Labels Attached to Evangelicalism? Are... $4.00
Ascetic and Apopathic Restraint: Intellectual Humility in... $4.00
Aslan Tamed: C. S. Lewis Social Vision and the Spirit of... Steven D. Boyer $4.00
Augustine of Hippo: The Use of Force as a Way toward Co... $4.00
Augustines Conception of Martydom: Testimony or Sacrifi... $4.00
Authorship of the Epistle to the Hebrews: A Pauline/Lukan... $4.00
Balancing Theology and Ethics in Pelagius Asceticism $4.00
Becoming Gods?: 2 Cor3:18 and Theosis $4.00
Being MoneyWise according to the Book of Proverbs Bruce Waltke $4.00
Ben Witherington IIIs Commentary on Matthew $4.00
Between Scylla and Charybdis: Presuppositionalism Circular... $4.00
Beyond Bioethics 101: Where Theology Gets Personal and... Stephen P. Greggo $4.00
Beyond Good and Evil: Nietzche Bonhoeffer and the Search... $4.00
Beyond the New Perspective on Paul and the Evangelical New... J. Brian Tucker $4.00
Biblical Imagery and Ethical Persuasion $4.00
Birth Control and the Christian: Recent Discussion and Basic... Michael A. Grisanti $4.00
Blessedness in the Piety of William Perkins: Objective Reality... Stephen Yuille $4.00
Blood Crying Out from the Ground Genesis 4:10: The Ethics... $4.00
Blueprint for Change - Contributions of Ethics and Religious... Kimberly Pennington $4.00
BothAnd Gospel: Introducing the Whole Gospel through Evangelism... $4.00
Bringing Sons to Glory: Hebrews 2 Psalm 8 and Christian... Carl Mosser $4.00
Bruce Ware - A Defense of the Ontological Equality and Functional... Bruce A. Ware $4.00
Butchered Brothers and Betrayed Families: Degenerating Kinship... Gordon Oeste $4.00
Can the ESV and TNIV Coexist in the Same Universe? $4.00
Cappadocian Influences on Karl Rahners Theology of the... Dennis W. Jowers $4.00
CARL F. H. HENRY: Panel/Floor Discussion $4.00
Carl F.H. Henry White Racism and Evangelicalisms Intercultural... Peter Heltzel $4.00
Caster Semyana and the Intersex Debate: Biblical and Historical... $4.00
Certain Future? The Significance of hina Followed by a Future... Ron C. Fay $4.00
Changes in Just War Theory since World War II Robert Klause $4.00
Charles Hodge the Doctrine of Accommodation and German... Mark Rogers $4.00
Charles Wesley on the Bible $4.00
Choosing the Right Hebrew Grammar Part 1 $4.00
Choosing the Right Hebrew Grammar Part 2 $4.00
Choosing the Right Hebrew Grammar Part 3 $4.00
ChristCentered Interpretation Only? Using Scriptures SelfInterpretation... $4.00