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19f School Q&A Wilson Detweiler Fischer Douglas Wilson $5.00
Academic Standards - Marlin Detweiler Marlin Detweiler $3.00
Arrick Integrating Writing with History and Bible Kathy Arrick $5.00
Art in the Christian School Matthew Clark $3.00
Chemistry and Physics Don Hoover $3.00
Classical Education 101 Marlin Detweiler $5.00
Classroom Culture Ty Fischer $3.00
Day in Life of a Homeschooler - Lora Thompson Lora Thompson $5.00
Developing Creativity Laurie Detweiler $3.00
Drama and Reaching Students Stan Deen $3.00
English Grammar in Classical Education Deborah Chapin $3.00
Every Teacher Should Know 2 - Emily Fischer Emily Fischer $3.00
Grammar Latin - Molly Carey Molly Carey $5.00
Grammar Math - Don Hoover Don Hoover $3.00
History and Bible - Kathy Arrick Kathy Arrick $5.00
Homeschool QA-L Detweiler L Thompson Laurie Detweiler $5.00
How Then Shall We Live - Doug Wilson Douglas Wilson $5.00
Life Science - Tanya Mason Tanya Mason $5.00
Linguistics - Josh Stevenson Larry Stephenson $5.00
Literature in Classical Education Emily Fischer $3.00
Logic in Classical Education Bill Dawson $3.00
Memory Period (cut short only 13 minutes) - Josh Steven... Larry Stephenson $5.00
Multi-Generation Patterns 1 Nancy Wilson $3.00
Multi-Generational Patterns 2 Nancy Wilson $3.00
Music Greg Wilbur $3.00
Narnia in Omnibus Douglas Wilson $5.00
Odyssey and Pagan Literature - Doug Wilson Douglas Wilson $5.00
Omnibus Confessions Ty Fischer $3.00
Omnibus the Basics Ty Fischer $5.00
Past Christian Cultures Douglas Wilson $3.00
Phonics - Jackie Lake and Sharon Strawbridge Sharon Strawbridge $5.00
Poetry in Grammar Schoo Nancy Stuart $3.00
Preparing Child for the Logic Years Nancy Wilson $3.00
Present Cultural Chaos - Doug Wilson Douglas Wilson $3.00
Purpose Driven Classroom - Deb Chapin Deborah Chapin $3.00
Reading Misreading Great Books - Ty Fischer Ty Fischer $3.00
Rhetoric Douglas Wilson $3.00
Rhetoric Teaching Omnibus at Home Bruce Etter $3.00
Secondary Latin Molly Carey $5.00
Secondary Math Don Hoover $3.00
Teaching Literature Nancy Wilson $5.00
Teaching Modern Foreign Language Bruce Etter $3.00
The Value of Greek in Classical Education John D. Schwandt $5.00
Thesis the Crowing Ty Fischer $3.00
Toward a New Christian Culture Douglas Wilson $3.00
Transforming Culture Through Music Greg Wilbur FREE
Veritas Teacher Training Conference 2006 (49 downloadable... $150.00
What Every Teacher Should Know 1 - Emily Fischer Emily Fischer $5.00
Worship and Education Douglas Wilson $3.00
Zero to Sixty in Sixty Marlin Detweiler $3.00