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01 The Question of Jesus Dissimilarity from Second Temple... James D.G. Dunn $4.00
02 The Question of Jesus Dissimilarity from Second Temple... James D.G. Dunn $4.00
1 and 2 Kings and the Early Church Fathers Walter A. Maier $4.00
2 Corinthians 4:4: A Case for Yahweh as the God of This... Donald E. Hartley $4.00
A Baptist Distinctive Fred Malone $2.00
A Brief History of the Interpretation of the Bible As Story... Larry W. Caldwell $4.00
A conflict over covenant or how sermons explained New Englands... Ronald N. Frost $4.00
A Consuming Fire: The Image of Fire in Cyril of Alexandrias... Steven McKinion $4.00
A Defense of Paul the Prisoner: Internal Evidence for an... Michael A. Salmeier $4.00
A Fire Unfolding Itself: Jonathan Edwardss Trinitarian Thought... William J. Danaher $4.00
A Goundhog Day Argument for the Compatibility of Divine... Russell DiSilvestro $4.00
A Kingdom Perspective on Holy Spirit Baptism John Studebaker $4.00
A Lakatosian Philosophy of Science as Theological Metho... Doug Kennard $4.00
A Linguistic Reassessment of Some Areas of Greek Morpho... B. Ward Powers $4.00
A OneSided Trinity in Early Western Theology: Its Continuing... Norman R. Gulley $4.00
A Postconservative Evangelical Response to the Early Church... Roger E. Olson $4.00
A Search for the Most Basic Meaning of the Biblical Law J. William Dorman $4.00
A Short and Easie method: Charles Leslie and the Defense... John Mark Yeats $4.00
A Tedious Brief Scene of Humor Comedy and The Christian... Brian Larsen $4.00
A Test Case for an Inner and InterBiblical Interpretation:... Alan KamYau Chan $4.00
A Trinitarian Excursis of Theosis in Chrysostom and Wes... K. Steve McCormick $4.00
A Universal Flood 3000 BC David Livingston $4.00
Abiding in Christ yet Struggling with Sin: Pursuing Contentment... Peter K. Nelson $4.00
Abila of the Decapolis: An Exemplar of Byzantine Christ... Timothy C. Snow $4.00
Abrahams Heirs: The New Covenant as Theological Norm in... Mark Saucy $4.00
Abuse and Male Leadership: Challenging Common Misconcep... Steve Tracy $4.00
Acts 1:5 Baptism of the Spirit as the Initiation and Inclusion... Kevin D. Zuber $4.00
Adam what are you? The Primeval History against the Backdrop... Jens Bruun Kofoed $4.00
African Contribution to Early Christianity AD 17 centuries:... David Musa $4.00
After DNA: Native Americans Lamanites and New World Ant... Joel Kramer $4.00
After Patriarchy What? Why Egalitarians are Winning the... Russell Moore $4.00
Against PraxeasHow far did Tertullian take the Doctrine... Harold Carl $4.00
All those going out of the gate of his city: Have the Translations... Andrew J. Schmutzer $4.00
An Analysis of the Words Sabbatati Sabatati and Insabbatati... P. Gerard Damsteegt $4.00
An Analytical Overview of Chiliasm in the First Three C... Miche Maniquet $4.00
An Ecclesiological Assessment of the Emerging Church Mo... John S. Hammett $4.00
An Ethical Evaluation of Modern Motivations and Methods... Mark Liederbach $4.00
An Examination of Islamic Religious Pluralism from the Perspective... Page Brooks $4.00
An Open Door for the Gospel: Historical and Missiological... Glen L. Thompson $4.00
And Now These Three Remain: Faith Hope and Love But the... Verlyn D. Verbrugge $4.00
Another Brick in the Argument of the Two Temple Cleansi... Ranolph Richards $4.00
AntiSemitic or AntiJudaic? An Examination of The New Perspective... Dennis M. Swanson $4.00
Apostolic Awareness of Authorial/Textual Intent when Quoting... R. D. Kunjummen $4.00
Are the spiritual disciplines of solitude and silence really... Robert L Plummer $4.00
Are we Missing Augustines Rejection of War to Reduce Fe... Daniel R. Heimbach $4.00
Arius the Hero: Historical Fictions Were Ready to Belie... Fred Sanders $4.00
At Home in Our Body: The Implications of the Erik Thoennes $4.00
Athanasius Understanding of the Relationship between Theology... John Ashley Nixon $4.00
Athanasius use of Philippians 2:511 in Contra Arianos Marvin Jones $4.00
Augustine on Metaphysical Evil and Creation Ex Nihilo Edward Martin $4.00
Baptist Principles Reset: Rediscovering the Life and Thought... Jeffrey T. Riddle $4.00
Basil the Ontological Trinity and the Physics of Light Bonnie Pattison $4.00
Beauty Goodness and Evil: When is Immorality in Art Aesthetically... James Spiegel $4.00
Benevolent Physicians in Late Antiquity: The Multifaceted... Jerry Pattengale $4.00
Between Everlasting Damnation and Annihilation: The Contribution... Ron Clouzet $4.00
Beyond Karma: Sin in Hinduism Winfried Corduan $4.00
Beyond the Word LevelUsing Tagged Databases in Biblical... David Woodall $4.00
Biblical Leadership Metaphors and Contemporary Management... Kenneth C Harper $4.00
Biography of Charles Spurgeon Ian Murray $2.00
Biography of George Whitefield Arnold Dallimore $3.00
Blessings Not Just for the Ones Who Kneel Glenn R. Kreider $4.00
Bodily Resurrection: Christian Understandings from AnteNicene... J Robert Douglass $4.00
Breaking with Cyprians Paradigm: Evangelicals Ecclesiological... George W. Harper $4.00
But the remnant were hardened Rom 11:7 Matthew A. Eby $4.00
Call the Sabbath a Delight: Jonathan Edwards on the Lords... Robert Caldwell $4.00
Calvinism in the Hands of a NotSoAngry Jonathan Edwards Donald J. Westblade $4.00
Can John Howard Yoders Ethics Embrace the entire Old Testament... Paul J. Kissling $4.00
Can Littles CreationOrder or Theodicy Be Reconciled with... Kirk R. MacGregor $4.00
Capital Punishment in the Ancient Near East Stephen R. Miller $4.00
Charlatans Exorcists and Magicians: The Challenge of Syncretism... William A. Simmons $4.00
Chiasm and its Christological Implication in Heb. 1:114 Victor Rhee $4.00
Chiliasm and Early Christianity: The Background Development... Dale A. Brueggemann $4.00
Christ and Imputation in the Writings of John Calvin Kevin D. Kennedy $4.00
Christian Zionism: RoadMap to Armageddon? Stephen Sizer $4.00
Christianity in the Early Centuries and Its Global Vision... Samuel M. Frost $4.00
Christianity Knowledge and Eschatology: How Christian Hope... Brad Green $4.00
Christianitys Shaky Foundation: Why Isaiah 28:16 is NOT... Richard Schultz $4.00
Christlikeness: Spiritual Formation through Character D... William E. Goff $4.00
Christology as a Test of Orthodoxy: Ignatius of Antioch... Ron Provencher $4.00
Chronology as Testimony to Inerrancy Rodger C. Young $4.00
Clement of Alexandria A Model for Integrating Philosophy... Gary Elkins $4.00
Conceptions of the Afterlife in Romans: Resurrection Life... Preston Sprinkle $4.00
Coworkers with God 1 Cor. 3:9 Douglas W. Geringer $4.00
Culture Hermenutics and Theological Interpretation Elizabeth Y. Sung $4.00
David and Goliath a Story of Place: The NarrativeGeographical... John A. Beck $4.00
David Hume and a Cumulative Case Argument Doug Geivett $4.00
Death Together: Dying With Christ and Human Renewal in the... Joel D. Lawrence $4.00
Decent and in Order: The Pagan Stigmatization of Eusebius... Brandon Walker $4.00
Decently and in Order: Definitions and Accusations of Disorderliness... Gary S. Shogren $4.00
Demonic Possession in the New Testament the Early Church... Samuel Lamerson $4.00
Desert Warriors or Church Deserters? The Relationship of... Tony Chute $4.00
Designing a Course for the Internet Lloyd A. Harsch $4.00
Did Jesus and Paul Disagree about Money and Missions? R. Alan Streett $4.00
Dispensationalism and the Road to Armageddon Timothy Weber $4.00
Dispensationalism or Dispensationalisms: A System or a... Carl Sanders $4.00
Divine Instruction in Philo and John Stephen Witmer $4.00
Divine Mystery as Theological Method: Implications for the... Michael Wittmer $4.00
Divorce and Remarriage: The Law and Grace Approach to u... B. Ward Powers $4.00
Do literal Bible versions really show greater respect for... Mark L. Strauss $4.00
Do the Vice List in 1 Corinthians 6:910 Describe Believers... Ren A. Lopez $4.00