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1 Corinthians 11:116 A Prohibition of Homosexuality Kirk R. MacGregor $4.00
1 Timothy 3:16 and the Descent and Ascent of Christ $4.00
A Biblical Critique: Philip Pullmans The Golden CompassA... $4.00
A Biblical Panorama of Christs Saving Work Robert A. Peterson $4.00
A Biblical Theology for Christian Counseling $4.00
A Blow to the Root: Wesleys Doctrine of Scripture in Relation... $4.00
A Canonical Approach to Just War Theory John McMath $4.00
A Christology of Mediation: John Chrysostoms View of the... Ashish J. Naidu $4.00
A Common Word: Is It Adequate for MuslimChristian Coope... $4.00
A Critique of the Framework Interpretation of the Creation... $4.00
A Deconstructive Reading on the Theology of the Cross: J.... $4.00
A Fountain for the Forgiveness of Sins: The Function of... $4.00
A History of Deponency in Koine Greek $4.00
A Long Obedience in Some Strange Directions: One Congregations... Jason Poling $4.00
A Ministry Context Based Approach to Exegesis $4.00
A Multidisciplinary Approach to Exegesis Stanley E. Porter $4.00
A New Perspective on James 2:1426 $4.00
A Pentecostal Perspective on InerrancyChurch of God Cleveland:... $4.00
A Reassessment of the Use of VariantUnits in New Testament... Andrew W. Pitts $4.00
A Response to David Baggetts Moral Critique of Unconditional... $4.00
A Study on Covenant Theology and the Westminster Confession... $4.00
A Survey of TextCritical Issues in the Book of Acts Douglas S. Huffman $4.00
A Theology of Sexual Abuse: Embodiment Community and He... Andrew J. Schmutzer $4.00
A Trinitarian Crucifixion: The Holy Spirit and Substitutionary... Rustin J. Umstattd $4.00
Acts 2 and the Old Testament: The Pentecost Event in Light... Carl Judson Davis FREE
Aesthetic Developments in Psalms 22-24: A New Approach to... $4.00
After InerrancyWhat? The Wesleyan Theological Journal 1978... Gareth Lee Cockerill $4.00
Agent Causation Reasons and Empirical Data $4.00
An Articulation Validation and Application of Meaning Approach... $4.00
An Evangelical Assessment of and Response to the Secularization... $4.00
An Old Look at the New Heavens and New Earth $4.00
An Overview and Assessment of Adrian van Kaams Formative... $4.00
Analytic Theology: A Critical Appraisal $4.00
Anchored in Jehovah: Trinitarian Soteriology as the Ground... Fred Sanders $4.00
Ancient Near Eastern Physicians: The Embalming of Patri... $4.00
Ancient Near Eastern Prophetism: Were Israels Prophets... $4.00
Archaeology and Pop Culture: TV Documentaries Films and... $4.00
Assumptions Interpretive Systems and Conclusions: Are We... $4.00
Augustines Trinitarian Reading of John 5: A Model for the... Keith E. Johnson $4.00
Authenticity of the Distinctively Byzantine Shorter Rea... $4.00
Background on the Composition of Psalm 144 in Light of Its... Jinkyu Kim $4.00
Believers Relation to the Law: Not Obligation but Fulfi... $4.00
Biblical Worship Environments Which Recapitulate Edenic... Gregg Strawbridge $4.00
Building Up the Faith: Galatians 2:1718 in Context John W. Taylor $4.00
C. S. Lewis's Critique of Humes Of Miracles Robert Larmer $4.00
C. S. Lewis's PseudoManichean Dualist Phase Adam Barkman $4.00
Calvinism Missions: The Contested Relationship Revisit... $4.00
Calvins Use of the Rhetoric of Gods Accommodation Centered... $4.00
Can a Good Creation Be Bad and Good at the Same Time? $4.00
Canon as Tradition: The New Covenant and the Hermeneutical... $4.00
Canonical Approaches to Old Testament Theology in Light... Paul J. Kissling $4.00
Canonicity in Islam and Evangelicalism James R. Mook $4.00
Canons Copies Communities and Conflicts: The Text of the... $4.00
Carl Henry on Neoorthodoxy: A Mid Twentieth Century Evangelical... Mark B. Chapman $4.00
Characteristics of False Believers in the New Testament Joseph K. Pak $4.00
Characterization and the Historical Jesus: Herod Antipas... $4.00
Christ on Patmos: John's Pleromatic Vision of the Godman... Warren Gage $4.00
ChristCentered SpiritDriven MissionMinded: The Moravian... $4.00
Cities of God in Northern Asia Minor: Can Rodney Starks... Mark Wilson $4.00
Compatibalism Wantons and the Natural Consequences Model... $4.00
Covenant and Command: Works Faithfulness and Obedience in... $4.00
Cracks in the Foundation: Ominous Signs in the David Na... $4.00
Created to Play: Thoughts on Play Sport and the Christian... Erik Thoennes $4.00
Creation Is a Project: A Canonical View of the Garden Carl Sanders $4.00
Culture Community and the Gospel: Theological Practical... $4.00
Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling Part 1 $4.00
Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling Part 2 $4.00
Daniel 4:24 Eng. 4:27 in Context $4.00
Dead to the Law in Romans $4.00
Debate over Justification by Faith: Evangelicals Cath... Norman R. Gulley $4.00
Deep Preaching $4.00
Demarcating Biblical Justice: Can Hamartiology Be Conscripted... Ondrej Hron $4.00
Designs and Designers: Increasing Objectivity in Literary... $4.00
Determining the Date of Acts and Its Relation to the Rise... Stanley E. Porter $4.00
Deuteronomy 24:14 in the Context of Ancient Near Eastern... $4.00
Did the Gospel of Matthew Use an Early Form of the Didache... $4.00
Discarnate Humanity in the Age of Electronic Media: Marshall... $4.00
Distinctive Epithets for God in John 17 Judith A. Diehl $4.00
Divine Deliberation or Lack Thereof $4.00
Divining the Divine: Approaches in Theological Method John W. Shouse $4.00
Does 2 Timothy 3:16 Contain a Chiasm? Leslie Robert Keylock $4.00
Does Paul Seek to Subvert Rome or Ignore Rome? Joel White $4.00
Does the Bible Teach Authority Roles in the Ontological... Gerry Breshears $4.00
Early Antecedents for Augustines Legacy on the Biblical... David C. Alexander $4.00
Early Wesleyans and Their View of Scripture: Richard Watson... Daryl McCarthy $4.00
Ed Martin - Kant Morality and Teleology: Can We Convert... $4.00
Edwardss Freedom of the Will and Aretegenic Theology $4.00
Egalitarians: A New Path to Liberalism or Integral to Evangelicals... Mimi Haddad FREE
Elders and Explosive Emotions: Lexical Studies on Anger... John C. Wecks $4.00
English Devotional Poetry in Praise of Christ Donald T. Williams $4.00
Evangelical Methodism in Religion and Culture Studies: What... Robert F. Lay $4.00
Evangelicals and Empire: A European Evangelical Perspec... $4.00
Evangelicals and Empire: An Overview $4.00
Evangelism in the Wake of Disaster $4.00
Exodus Exile and Israel: The Church as Spiritual Israel... $4.00
Exploring Josephuss Understanding of the Jewish Scriptures:... $4.00
Family Conversation: Calvin on Prayer Joel R. Beeke $4.00
Flaws in J. B. Lightfoots Cessationist Concept of Apostleship:... Frank Chan $4.00
Following the Ancient Paths: Mapping the Intersection between... Robert Kellemen $4.00
Foreground Background in Hebrew Narrative Verb Morphology:... $4.00