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Baptism and Christian Identity Michael Shover FREE
Baptism in the Bible (Matthew 3) Gregg Strawbridge FREE
Baptism Saves Michael Shover FREE
Baptism: The Start of Discipleship Alan Stout FREE
Baptized into the Likeness of Christ - Mark 1:4-11 & Romans... Jeff Harlow FREE
Believer's Baptism Thomas Schreiner FREE
Covenant Sign of Baptism Michael Shover FREE
Epiphany Snapshots: Through the Waters (Isaiah 43:1-7; Acts... Jon Herr FREE
Epiphany: The Politics of Baptism Uriesou T. Brito FREE
Fulfilling All Righteousness in the Baptism of Jesus Gregg Strawbridge FREE
God's Own Child Michael E. Owens FREE
IView - Interview with Michael Bull (Believer's Baptism... Michael Bull FREE
Jesus' Baptism and Ours - Matt. 3:13-17 Jeff Harlow FREE
Look Up (Genesis 9:8-17; Mark 1:9-15; 1 Peter 3:18-22) Jon Herr FREE
Luke 3:15-22 Our Lord's Baptism is Our Baptism Michael Shover FREE
Mark 1:9-11 Tearing Open the Heavens (From Sea to Shining... Michael Shover FREE
New Creation by Water and the Spirit Michael Shover FREE
Numbers 19:11-12 3rd Day & 7th Day Baptism Michael Shover FREE
Numbers 19:12-13 - 3rd Day & 7th Day Baptism Michael Shover FREE
Of Baptism Michael E. Owens FREE
Remembering our Baptisms Uriesou T. Brito FREE
Romans (13): Identity in Christ through Baptism Gregg Strawbridge FREE
Spiritual Growth (03) - Baptism and Identity (1 Corinthians... Gregg Strawbridge FREE
Sunday School - Baptism saves Michael Shover FREE
The Acts of the Martyrs (02): The Baptism of the World Gregg Strawbridge FREE
The Baptism of Christ Jonathan A. Anderson FREE
The Baptism of Ezekiel Athanasius Brito Uriesou T. Brito FREE
The Baptism of Ian Boylan 8-1-10 Uriesou T. Brito FREE
The Baptism of Jesus and Our Commission (Mark 1) Gregg Strawbridge FREE
The Figure of Baptism - 1 Peter 3:18-22 Jeff Harlow FREE
The Good News of Judgment (Luke 3:15-22) Jon Herr FREE
The Word Manifest (02): In His Baptism Gregg Strawbridge FREE
White vs Strawbridge Debate on Baptism, part 1 James White $4.00
White vs Strawbridge Debate on Baptism, part 2 Gregg Strawbridge $3.00
Why Baptize Babies? Mark Horne FREE