ETS 2022 - Holiness

ETS 2022 - Holiness
Organization: ETS 2022
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This is a partial collection of recordings from the Evangelical Theological Society's conference (Nov 15-17, 2022, Denver, CO) with the theme "Holiness." This collection includes over 390 digitally recorded sessions. Several plenary addresses featured:

  • John N. Oswalt, Asbury Theological Seminary, "Holliness: The Goal of Human Life"

  • Michael A. G. Haykin, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, “War with the hydra of Antinomianism”: The Baptist Tradition and the Pursuit of Holiness in the Long Eighteenth Century

  • Han-luen Kantzer Komline, Western Theological Seminary, "Holiness and the Christian Life: An Augustinian Perspective"

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Items Included

A. Andrew Das What does 14_1-15_13 Tell us abou...hristianity in Rome_ A. Andrew Das
Aaron Pendergrass Immediate Resurrection Meets...tological Presentism Aaron Pendergrass
Abigail Leavitt The Fourth Season at Shiloh Abigail Leavitt
Ad de Bruijne How Could Artificial Intelligence be Sanctified_ Ad de Bruijne
Adam E. Peterson Charles Hodge, Francis Grimke,...ue of Race Prejudice Adam Peterson
Adam Lloyd Johnson Divine Love Theory_ How the...undation of Morality Adam J. Johnson
Adriani Milli Rodrigues Priestly Christology an...ication of Believers Adriani Milli Rodrigues
Aida Besancon Spencer Jesus' Vision of Holy Hospitality Aida Besancon Spencer
Alden C. McCray The Beatific Vision, 'Avertive'...ons from John Calvin Alden C. McCray
Allen M. Stanton Johannes Wollebius (1598-1629)...on of the Compendium Allen M. Stanton
Amber M. Dillon Bearing Witness to the Lamb_ Th...textual Counterparts Amber M. Dillon
Amos Yabo Luka Boko Haram's Religious Ideology_...Impact on Christians Amos Yabo
Amy Peeler _My soul Doth Magnify the Lord__ Hum...of Mary's Magnificat Amy Peeler
Andrew C. Russell Keswick's Practical Practices...of Inward Surrender Andrew C. Russell
Andrew Hollingsworth Divine Temporalism and the...Eternal Processions Andrew Hollingsworth
Andrew T. Loke An Assessment of the Coherence a...Christological Model Andrew Loke
Andy Naselli How do Predestination and Progress...Theological Triage_ Andy Naselli
Andy Naselli Keswick Theology_ Where It Came From and What It Is Andy Naselli
Andy Needham How Social Trinitarianism undermines the Holiness of God Andy Needham
Ayman S. Ibrahim Did Muhammad Really Exist_ Isl...y Christians Saw Him Ayman Ibrahim
Ayman S. Ibrahim, Ida Glaser, & Imad Shehadeh R...s and God without Us Ayman Ibrahim
B. J. Hilbelink Elijah and the Eschatological R...A Biblical Theology B. J. Hilbelink
Baiyu Andrew Song Joseph Kinghorn (1766-1832) and His Library Baiyu Andrew
Batanayi Manyika & Daniel K. Darko Review of Da...and Darko's Response Batanayi Manyika
Ben Wittington The Modal Analysis of Ability's...Consequence Argument Ben Wittington
Blake A. Franze The Economy of Grace in 1 Clement Blake A. Franze
Boyd Seevers Roman Militaria at Ancient Shiloh_...espasian in A.D. 69_ Boyd Seevers
Braden McKinley The Trinitarian Dynamics of Confession Braden McKinley
Bradley G. Green Election and Reprobation in Augustine Bradley G. Green
Bradley N. Seeman Lucifer's Disordered Love and...Acount of Primal Sin Bradley N. Seeman
Bradley Sinclair Retrieving Eternal Generation_...d the Englightenment Bradley Sinclair
Brandon Johnson The Priority of Moral Truths_ A...Duns Scotus's Ethics Brandon Johnson
Brian Schultz Exegesis of 1 Samuel 1_1-5 [in Hebrew] Brian Schultz
Brian Siu Kit Chiu Deification as a Foundation...heological Education Brian Siu Kit Chiu
Bridget Jack Jeffries Junia among the Seventy_...e Index Discipulorum Bridget Jack Jeffries
Britt Stokes 'No Night in Heaven'_ Isaac Watts on Holiness and Heaven Britt Stokes
Bruce McCormack Responding to ETS Examination of his Reformed Christology Bruce McCormack
Bryan A. Just Death in Song_ A Comparison of Evangelical Music Bryan A. Just
Bryan Hollon The Anglican Way in the Collect fo...matic Considerations Bryan Hollon
Bryan Murawski _The LORD is with Him__ 1 Samuel 16_14-23 Bryan M Murawski
C. Layne Hancock Holiness in Public_ Retrieving a Theology of Scandal C. Layne Hancock
Caleb T. Friedeman God's Children don't Sin_ 1...f the Gnomic Present Caleb T. Friedeman
Cameron Clausing Absolute Personality and the Divine Nature Cameron Clausing
Carl Mosser Deification as the Telos of Reformed Theology Carl Mosser
Catherine C. Garrison Modesty, Mysogeny, and #m...y and Why It Matters Catherine C. Garrison
Charles E. Ackmann The Old Testament Canon as L...anon on Hermeneutics Charles E. Ackmann
Charles White Singing to Perfection_ The Theolo...ns of Charles Wesley Charles White
Chloe Sun _My Beloved is Dazzling__ Reading Son...10-16 for the Church Chloe Sun
Chris D. Lee From Mozart to Mind, From Chopin t...y of Mind from Music Chris D. Lee
Chris Gibson Actus Purus and Concerned-based Co...Divine Impassibility Chris Gibson
Chris McKinny Tel Nagila - A Historical Geographical Assessment Chris McKinny
Christa L. McKirland Human Flourishing and Dependence Christa L. McKirland
Christopher Talbot Francis Schaeffer and Deconstructionist Spirituality Christopher Talbot
Christopher Woznicki Necessary Creation and Edwards's Thought Christopher Woznicki
Christopher Woznicki Ontological and Moral Nece...Doctrine of Creation Christopher Woznicki
Christy Gonet The Narrative of Salvation in Ans...bury's Cur Deos Homo Christy Gonet
Christy Thornton Separable Operations, a Trinit...Theology of Baptism Christy Thornton
Clint Archer Environmentalism and the Apocalyps...ironment Destroy Us_ Clint Archer
Cody Cunningham _In a State of Preparation for...ogy of Abraham Booth Cody Cunningham
Coleman M. Ford A Bond Between Souls_ The Rela...ication in Augustine Coleman M. Ford
Colton Strother _A Man of Profound Learning and...ement with John Gill Colton Strother
Cornelius Van Dam Nationhood, Globalism, and Immigration Cornelius Van Dam
Craig Carter Webster's Use of Thomastic Metaphy...afeguard Sola Gratia Craig Carter
Craig Sanders Rest to make us Holy Creation's S...nd Human Flourishing Craig Sanders
D. Forrest Mills Water Alone Cannot Sanctify_ T...Cyprian of Carthage D. Forrest Mills
Dale Coulter Theology of Religious Freedom_ A Pentecostal Perspective Dale Coulter
Dale Johnson John Knox in Recent and Past Research Dale Johnson
Dan Kemp Why Do God's Commands Generate Obligat...ivine Command Theory Dan Kemp
Daniel Heimbach Faithful Communicating_ Solving...ide in Truth Telling Daniel R. Heimbach
Daniel J. Stevens Changes_ Theological Reflecti...dings in Hebrews 1_8 Daniel Stevens
Daniel Janosik Is Allah of the Qur'an Holy_ A C...een Yahweh and Allah Daniel Janosik
Daniel K. Eng Healing from Sin_ The Righteous P...Prayer in James 5_16 Daniel K. Eng
Daniel L. Hill Response to Tom Gregg's Dogmatic Ecclesiology Vol 1 Daniel L. Hill
Daniel S. Steffan The Political Protest of the...and the Latino Voice Daniel S. Steffan
Daniel T. Slavich That the World May Know_ Towa...iethnic Ecclesiology Daniel (Danny) Slavich
Danielle Treweek Gifted for Holiness_ Lessons f...and the Grace of God Danielle Treweek
Danielle W. Ross Unholy Alliance_ Retributive J...the Penal Substitute Danielle W. Ross
Darrell Bock Holiness in Public_ Retrieving a Theology of Scandal Darrell L Bock
Darrell Bock Progressive Dispensationalism Darrell L Bock
David Firth They Sang and Celebrated_ The Women's Song in 1 Samuel 18_7 David Firth
David Haines _Christian Platonism_ and the Prob...alism and Skepticism David Haines
David Haines The Significance of Skin_ How 'Onl...Speaks to our Depths David Haines
David Jakobsen Fulfilling Russell's Wish_ A.N....or Analytic Theology David Jakobsen
David Klingler Genesis 3_16; 4_1 and 4_7, A Case of Mistaken Identity_ David Klingler
David Kotter Revisiting and Extending the Disti...ed and Self Interest David S. Kotter
David Thang Moe Beyond the Typlology_ Exploring...heology of Religions David Thang
Denise Flanders The Reversal of Food Injustice_...ah (1 Samuel 2_1-10) Denise Flanders
Denny Burk What is a Woman_ What is a Man_ Law and Scripture Denny Burk
Derek Zaglul Rishmawy For the Sake of My Holy N...od's Salvific Action Derek Zaglul
Devon Provencher More than a Prophet_ Medieval...sations with Muslims Devon Provencher
Dillon M. Evans Spurgeon's View of the Restoration of Israel Dillon M. Evans
Dongsu Kim Simon Magus' Faith in Terms of Pisteuein used in Acts Dongsu Kim
Donnie L. DeBord Holiness as Divine Ontology Co...narian Christologies Donnie DeBord
Doug Weaver Baptist Missionaries & the Shantung...Pentecostal Practice Doug Weaver
Douglas Groothuis Critical Race Theory and the Christian Worldview Douglas Groothuis
Douglas S. Huffman James 4_5-6 and a Difficult to Locate O.T. Citation Douglas S. Huffman
Drew Smith The Problem of Necessitism Drew Smith
Dustin J. Coleman The Strategic Significance of...eme in Mark's Gospel Dustin Jeremy Coleman
E. Randolph Richards & Joshua Parker The State...of the New Testament E. Randolph Richards
Eddie N. Colanter Holiness, Abortion, and the 5...ncomplete recording) Eddie N. Colanter