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2022 ETS
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"Will Not God Grant Justice?" Human Failure and...stice in Luke 18:1-8 Hannah Craven
'Take Heed unto Yourselves': Richard Baxter's A...or Pastoral Holiness Timothy K. Beougher
????? as Leitwort in the Gospel of Mark D. Eric Lowdermilk
‘The Dead Will Be Raised Incorruptible': A Caus...the Resurrected Body Randy Everist
A µ????e??? Reading: John 1:18 and the Tyndale House Greek New Testament Doug Burleson
A Hebrew Inscription from Joshua's Conquest at Lachish Doug Petrovich
A home for the "wandering Aramean" – in Germany? Elke B. Speliopoulos
A Reception History of the Role of Women in 1 Peter 3:1-7 Rebecca Skaggs
Absolute Personality and the Divine Nature Cameron Clausing
actus purus and concerned-based construal as Re...Divine Impassibility Chris Gibson
Adoption Connected to Both Honor and Dishonor Marc Wooten
An Edwardsian Account of Natural Knowledge Jason McMartin
An Edwardsian Account of Natural Knowledge Timothy Pickavance
An Unstained Tongue: Pride and Boasting in James 1:27 James Cater
Augustine's Letter to Dardanus (Ep 187) and the extra Calvinisticum K.J. Drake
Babylon as the Way of Life: Narrative Analogies in Jeremiah 21 Matthew H. Patton
Being" Reimagined: the transformation of the Ar...rom Galileo to Newto Daniel J. Spanjer
Beyond Illumination: The Spirit's Agency in Biblical Interpretation Omokoyode Philippe Adebile
Biblical Basis for Sanctification Rick Boyd
Bipolar Struggles with Holiness: Impulsivity, D...y, and a Way Forward Tim Anderson
Blessed Statements of the Psalms: Identifying p...?? within the Psalms Ross D. Harmon
Charles H. Spurgeon vs. Antinomianism Stephen A. Reynolds
Charles Hodge, Francis Grimké, and the Doctrine...ue of Race Prejudice Adam Peterson
Communal Reading and Literacy in Ancient Everyday Life Brian J. Wright
Condemnation or Consolation?: Toward a and Harm of Rape Jacob Denhollander
Corporate Sanctification and an Evangelical Social Gospel Thomas G. Doughty Jr.
Death in Song: A Comparison of End-of-Life Evangelical Music Bryan A. Just
Definitive Sanctification and the Holy Spirit as the "Perfecting Cause" William M. Marsh
Delight in God's Law: Luther's Approach Mark Mattes
Divine Christology and Salvation in Hebrews Jared Compton
Divine Sentness and Christian Sanctification: T...liness of the Church Torey J. S. Teer
Doctrines as Diamonds: A New Model for Ranking Doctrinal Questions Adam Harwood
Does the Reader Complete Inspiration? Ulrich H....the Inspired Reader Jacob S. Smith
Does The Use of Puberty-Suppressing Drugs Satis...of Informed Consent? James Alan Branch
Dogma, Doctrine and Theology in the Catholic Ec...ogy of P. T. Forsyth Michael J. Anderson
Doxological and Didactic: A Comparison of Jerem...and Greek Traditions Matthew Bovard
Elijah and the Eschatological Restoration of "A...A Biblical Theology B. J. Hilbelink
Embodiment, Humanness, and the Incarnation: Mer...ess Savior Revisited Jordan L. Steffaniak
Eunuchs for Sake of the Kingdom: Holy in Body and Spirit Ronald Sloan
Examination of the Moral Model of Disability and Holiness Matthew McCraney
Finally Abolition: The Imago Dei and Anti-Slave...ghtenment Revolution Nathan Chang
Francis Schaeffer and Deconstructionist Spirituality Christopher Talbot
Full of Marrow: Baptist Hymnody and Holiness Peter Beck
Gerhard von Rad's experience as a POW: Moral I...d Testament Theology K. Loren Aderhold
Giantism and the Colossal Cedar of Lebanon (Ezekiel 31) Mark A. Hassler
Growing Nowhere: A Theological Consideration of...Spiritual Formation Joseph McGarry
Herman Bavinck's Organic Anthropology, Social S...emedy for Social Sin Sherelle Ducksworth
Holiness as Wholeness in Hebrews Cole Feix
Holiness, Abortion, and the 50th Anniversary of...ychological Criteria Eddie N. Colanter
Holy Gender: Salient and Non-Salient the Image of God Mark Saucy
How Do Predestination and Progressive Sanctific...Theological Triage? Andy Naselli
How Fundamentalist Shall We Be? An Assessment o...octrine of Scripture Ryan T. Reed
Illness as a Shameful Reality in the New Testament Myriam Klinker-De Klerck
Immediate Resurrection Meets Nestorianism: A Re...tological Presentism Aaron Pendergrass
In Christ In the Trinity: Union with Christ in Trinitarian Perspective Fred Sanders
Innocent Until Proven Guilty: Jonathan Edwards'...anda Jenkins (13305) Justin McLendon
Innocent Until Proven Guilty: Jonathan Edwards'...tin McLendon (13224) Amanda Jenkins-Loper
Is Jude's Soteriology Pre-Pauline? Robert Yarbrough
Is the God of Classical Theism a Psychopath? Yes. Ryan Mullins
James 4:5–6 and a Difficult to Locate OT Citation Douglas S. Huffman
Jesus and John Milton: An Evangelical Reapprais...Doctrina Christiana Tyler Flatt
Jesus and John Milton: An Evangelical Reapprais...Doctrina Christiana Michael A. G. Haykin
Jesus' Influence on Peter's Hermeneutic Paul Lamicela
Job's Former Life: The Contribution of Chapter 29 to Joban Ethics Lindsay Wilson
John and the Synoptics: Reassessing Past Methods and Assumptions Quinn R. Mosier
Joseph Kinghorn (1766–1832) and His Library Baiyu Andrew Song
Joy in Ecclesiastes and in the New Testament: A...Theological Analysis Jennifer Lee Shin
Just & Sinner: Why Lutherans Care About Holiness Panel Discussion
Luther's Contribution of the Two Kinds of Righteousness Jordan Cooper
Lutheran Virtue Ethics – A More Radical Obedience Joel Biermann
Near-Death Experiences, For and Against R. Douglas Geivett
Neo-Marcionites in Our Midst? The Two Gods of t...g to Greg Boyd et al Paul Copan
O Mikveh of Israel, its Savior in Times of Dist...'s Theology of Water Auburn Powell
Ontological Priority and Persons: On What Do Co...ylomorphists Depend? Jon Kelly
Patristic Soteriology in John Gill's Defense of Calvinism Brian J. Arnold
Patterning Holiness on the Past: Teaching Monas...h Biblical Pericopes Clark R. Bates
Paul's Arrival in Italy: Why Puteoli and not Ostia? Mark Wilson
Paul's Departure from Puteoli: How Did his Part...with the Via Appia? Glen L. Thompson
Plenior, Praegnans, or Progressive: Inner-Bibli...and Authorial Intent Thomas J. Sculthorpe
Polemicizing Past Unholiness: The Rhetorical Ro...llusion in Psalm 115 Matthew Swale
Psalm 29 and the Ugaritic Baal Cycle: An Exploration in Intertextuality Matthew McAffee
Psalm 89 and the Pactum? How "Theological Exege...the Oldest Covenant Jesse Johnson
Questioning the Question Mark: The Punctuation...ation of Matthew 8:7 Chuck Quarles
Re-Imagining Heidelberg: The Munus Triplex in Bavinck's Ecclessiology Gregory Parker Jr.
Reading Organically: Herman Bavinck's Organic M...utic for All of Life Lance English
Reading Psalm Superscriptions Through the Centuries Ian J. Vaillancourt
Reassessing the Exegetical Significance of the Greek Middle Voice Steven Runge
Receiving Christ As a Treasure: The Affectional Element of Saving Faith John Piper
Receiving Christ As a Treasure: The Affectional Element of Saving Faith Guy Prentiss Waters
Receiving Christ As a Treasure: The Affectional Element of Saving Faith J.V. Fesko
Receiving Christ As a Treasure: The Affectional Element of Saving Faith Panel Discussion
Recent Misreadings of the 17th-Century Antinomi...nders Historiography T. Michael Christ
Recovering the Theology of Practical Theology:...oed, Modernist Model Michael S. Wilder
Redefining Boethian Personhood: Using Aristotel...edieval Anthropology Paul Carby
Respondent Nathan A. Finn
Respondent John D. Wilsey
Respondent John Wind
Respondent Paul Sanchez
Sarah Osborn: A Holy Woman's Influence on Evangelicalism Sarah Bowler
Searching for the American Holy Fool: Evangelic...s in Hollywood Media Thomas Sieberhagen