ETS 2021 - In Quest of the Historical Adam Panel (5 mp3s)

Organization: ETS 2021
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From ETS 2021 Christianity and the Natural Sciences
In Quest of the Historical Adam: A Panel Discussion with Author William Lane Craig

Moderator: Ken Keathley (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Hans Madueme (Covenant College) A Theological Assessment
C. John Collins (Covenant Theological Seminary) A Biblical Assessment
Michael Murray* (Franklin and Marshall College) A Philosophical Assessment
Leslea Hlusko* (University of California Berkeley/CENIEH, Spain) A Scientific Assessment
William Lane Craig (Houston Baptist University/Talbot School of Theology) Response

William Lane Craig William Lane Craig is Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology in La Mirada, California. He and his wife Jan have two grown children. At the age of sixteen as a junior in high school, he first heard the message of the Christian gospel and yielded his life to Christ. Dr. Craig pursued his undergraduate studies at Wheaton College (B.A.... read more
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A Biblical Assessment William Lane Craig's In Q...the Historical Adam C. John Collins
A Philosophical Assessment William Lane Craig's...the Historical Adam Michael Murray
A Scientific Assessment of William Lane Craig's...the Historical Adam Leslea Hlusko
A Theological Assessment William Lane Craig's I...the Historical Adam Hans Madueme