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The complete recordings of the 72nd annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, held virtually Nov. 16-20, 2020 with the theme, Christianity and Islam. The keynote speakers are:

Ayman S. Ibrahim, Bill and Connie Jenkins Associate Professor of Islamic Studies and Director of the Jenkins Center for the Christian Understanding of Islam at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, will speak on The Authority and Function of the Quran in Islam.

Timothy C. Tennett, President and Professor of World Christianity at Asbury Theological Seminary, will speak on Through the Prism: The Trinity and the Islamic Metanarrative.

Thomas S. Kidd, Distinguished Professor of History, James Vardaman Endowed Professor of History, and Associate Director, Institute for Studies of Religion at Baylor University, will speak on American Christians and Islam: From the Colonial Era to the Post-9/11 World.

Craig Keener A speaker for the 2022 National meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society
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""Plenary EPS - The Character Gap (OUP, 2019) Christian B Miller
""Plenary I - The Authority and Function of the Quran in Islam Ayman Ibrahim
""Plenary II - Through the Prism - The Trinity...slamic Metanarrative Timothy C. Tennet
""Plenary III - American Christians and Islam -...the Post-911 World. Thomas S. Kidd
""Plenary Presidential - A Mind for the Body Craig Keener
"Ecclesiam Catholicam:" The Historical—and Bibl...the Apostles' Creed Bryan Litfin
"Egypt my people . . . and Israel my inheritanc...of Isaiah and Beyond Daniel Timmer
"Every Day a Day of Humility": Examining Humili...Spiritual Formation Coleman M. Ford
"Go and do likewise," A Minority-Biblical Interpretation of Luke 10:25–37 Mario Melendez
"John the Baptist": The Denominational Convicti...John Albert Broadus H. Jared Bumpers
"Love Is Life": Raymond Lull and the Franciscan Mission to Muslims Rex D. Butler
"Proskuneo?" Embodied Worship in Contemporary W...Adventism, and Islam David Williams
"The Crown Is Fallen from Our Head": The Critic...ism of Samuel Miller Paul Kjoss Helseth
"The most pleasing color:" Jonathan Edwards on the Typology of Green Michael Haykin
"The Scope of the Whole Bible is Christ": A Pur...Christian Intuition Andrew Ballitch
"Who Shall Go Up First?": Inner-Biblical Interp...e Prologue of Judges Bryan M Murawski
"Yeshua" as Kingdom: A Three Fold Literary Pilg...ok II of the Psalter Jerod A. Gilcher
"You Incited Me To Destroy Him Without Cause" to Being Unjust? William C Pohl
'Be quick to hear, slow to speak': Exploring th...Philosophical Virtue Danny McDonald
‘exercise vniversall loue to euery member of Ch...Loving All Believers Jenny-Lyn de Klerk
‘My Wrath Will Burn' (Exodus 22:24): Anger agai...e Violence in Exodus David T. Lamb
‘Remember That You Were Slaves in Egypt': Slave...ours in Biblical Law Carmen Imes
‘Testing the Moral Law': A Diplomat's Faith as...y Pacific, 1950–1952 John D. Wilsey
‘There Was None Left That Breathe!': Genocide or Hyperbole? Hélène Dallaire
1 Corinthians 15:1-34: Towards a Christ Rhetoric M. Alroy Mascrenghe
1 Corinthians 15:1-34: Towards a Christ Rhetori...e Spirit, One Bod... David Dickenson
1 John 5:16 and the Sin unto Death: Reclaiming an Exegetical Stepchild Bruce Compton
2 Corinthians & Philippians Aida Besancon Spencer
A "Perfect" Elder? Blamelessness in the Qualifi...he Pastoral Epistles Mark Baker
A Biblical Theology of the Beatific Vision Ryan A. Brandt
A Biblical Theology of the Beatific Vision, Res...ney through Time:... Gregory J. Liston
A Blameworthy Burial: A Methodology and Case St...usion in 2 Chr 16:14 D. Allen Hutchison
A Case of the Neglect- The Relational Genitives...THEOU to Muslims.mp3 Heather Joy Zimmerman
A Case of the Neglect: The Relational Genitive'...Critical Assessment Heather Joy Zimmerman
A Circle of Moderate Friends: Protestant Ecumen...oderate Nonconformit Jason Matossian
A Circle of Moderate Friends: Protestant Ecumen...Loving All Believers Jason Matossian
A Comparison of Emmanuel in Matthew 1: 23 with Messiah in Surah 3: 45 Dean Sieberhagen
A Crisis of Confidence: American Evangelicalism...o Grenada, 1968-1983 Timothy D. Padgett
A Critical Examination of Recent Historiographi...the Origins of Islam Jeremiah Mutie
A Cross-Centered Response to a New American Isl...from the 8th Century Barbara Pemberton
A Cultic Fish-Head Bead: Evidence of the Philistines at Shiloh? Brian Neil Peterson
A Different Kind of Genre Sequel: Acts as an Ex...f the Gospel of Luke Darrell L Bock
A Historical Review of the Presentation of Chri...d Trinity to Muslims Petras Bahadur
A Hole in Systematics: A Key Missing Link in Anthropology Darrell L Bock
A Johannine Theology of Christian Suffering: Insights from John 9 and 11 Cory M. Marsh
A Lawful Use of the Law: The Use of the Law in...tions for the Church Charlie Ray
A Lawful Use of the Law: The Use of the Law in...ptic Gospel Research Zachary K. Dawson
A Memorial in the House of God: The Ethiopian E...Stands in Acts 7:55 Ben Hutchison
A Pentecostal Perspective on the Filioque Controversy Andrew K. Gabriel
A Question of First Importance: EN PROTOIS in 1 Corinthians 15:3 Daniel C. Fredericks
A Renewed Defense of Swinburne's Divided Mind Model of the Incarnation W. A. Smith
A Response to Houck Deborah Haarsma
A Restorationist Perspective on the Filioque Controversy Luke Ben Tallon
A Second Chance for Hermas: Eschatological Oppo...n Shepherd of Hermas Michael J. Svigel
A Square Peg in a Round Hole? Is There Room for...l Biblical Theology? Lindsay Wilson
A Study of Johannine SEMIA in Light of the Tabe...:46–54 as an Example Tat Yu Lam
A Tense and Tangled Relationship: The Nation of...ican American Church Eric W. Moore
A Theology of Human Flourishing in an Age of Tr...nd Identity Politics Anthony B. Bradley
A Thucydidean View of the Speeches in Acts? Th...istory of Thucydides Nathaniel J. Erickson
A Two-Dimensional Taxonomy of Forms for the NT Use of the OT Douglas S. Huffman
A Village from the Israelite Settlement: The Ir...t Khirbet el-Maqatir Boyd Seevers
Able to Admonish? Preconditions for the New Testament Champ Thornton
Abortion, Hard Cases, and Self-defense Matthew Flannagan
Abraham to Conquest Archaeology Boyd Seevers
According to John 8, Did Abraham in His Lifetime See Jesus? Kirk R. MacGregor
Acts 15:21: For Moses Is Preached in the Synagogues Charles Savelle
Acts 15:21: For Moses Is Preached in the, Kings in the ... Charles Savelle
AI, Agency, and Personhood Daniel Fleming
Alexandrian and Antiochene Perspectives on the Inspiration of Scripture Timothy G. Harmon
Always Known But Rarely Loved: A Christian Ethi...cognition Technology Jason Thacker
Am I First or Last? Self-Perception and Reward...rers in the Vineyard Andrés D. Vera
Am I First or Last?: Self-Perception and Peter: Peter a... Andres Vera
An Abductive Argument for God From Math Gavin Ortlund
An Analysis of the Limitations of Preaching: A...formed Worship Music David A. Robarts
An Evangelical Understanding of the Political C...of Religious Freedom C. Donald Smedley
An Overview of New Testament Teachings that Aff...n Servant Leadership Aida Besancon Spencer
Ancient & Modern Exegesis: Do the Masoretic Acc...Discourse Analysis? Marcus Leman
Another Look at Whether Islam and Christianity Speak of the Same God Imad Shehadeh
Archibald Alexander and the Nature of the Will Michael J. Plato
Ardent Support of Missions: Samuel Pearce's Im...t Missionary Society Jason Edwin Dees
Are Reduplicative Qua-Operators Superfluous? Eric Yang
Are Yahweh and El/Allah the Same God? The Old T...zation of Monotheism Jerry Hwang
Arguments For and Against Pauline Authorship of the Pastoral Epistles Stanley E. Porter
Asian Culture & Theology Grace Sangalang Ng
Atonement Impasse: The Perennial Problem of Com...onement with Muslims Matthew Bennett
Atonement in Global Theology Jeremy R. Treat
Atonement in Global Theology, Prevenient Arminian Account Jeremy R. Treat
Austin M. Freeman Austin M. Freeman
Baptists Against Slavery – The American Story Jeff Straub
Bartolomé de las Casas' A Brief History of the...a Spiritual Classic Robert Romero
Basics of Hebrew Accents Mark Futato
Battlefield Rape in the Ancient Near East and t...Exposing the Horror Charlie Trimm
Ben Hutchison Ben Hutchison
Berkeley on Divine and Human Agency: A Teleological Reconstrual James Spiegel
Beyond the Paragraph: Using Cohesive Harmony fo...mes 1 as a Test Case Ji Hoe Kim
Biblical Theology Andreas J. Köstenberger
Biblical Theology (Open) Colin Smothers
Biblical Theology- Wisdom and Biblical Theology Daniel Estes
Biblical Worship (Open) Christine E. Thornton
Biblical, Theological, and Historical Perspectives Ligon Duncan