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The complete recordings of ETS 2019 (downloadable).The complete 71st Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, San Diego, CA, "Christ in all Scripture," (November 20 - 22, 2019). This conference features:  G. K. Beale, Jeannine K. Brown, and Stephen Wellum. For more information see the ETS website.


Jeannine K. Brown Jeannine K. Brown (Ph.D. Luther Seminary) is professor of New Testament at Bethel Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota. Her most recent book, Becoming Whole and Holy: An Integrative Conversation about Christian Formation (2011), is a co-authored volume that explores Christian formation from biblical studies, social science, and ethics.
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""01 Plenary - Finding Christ in the Old Testament Gregory K. Beale
""02 Plenary - Mark Bailey - Dallas Theological Seminary Breakfast Mark Bailey
""03 Plenary - Jesus Messiah as Isaiah's Servan...stament Explorations Jeannine K. Brown
""04 Plenary - How Christian Philosophers can S...nd Biblical Scholars J. P. Moreland
""05 Plenary Presidential - 2 Peter 3:2, the Ap...Bi-Covenantal Canon Michael J. Kruger
""06 Plenary - From Alpha to Omega: A Biblical-...od the Son Incarnate Stephen J. Wellum
"-Plenary 1" Shock and Awe: The Reformers and Joy of Romans 1-8 Gwenfair Walters Adams
"‘In Ordinary Speech': Gregory of Elvira's Christological Preaching" Richard A. Brumback-III
"A Husband of One Wife" (1 Tim 3:2, 12; Titus 1:6): What Does It Mean? David H. Warren
"All whom the Father gives me" (John 6:37): Ele...n the Gospel of John Murray Smith
"Ayer" The Past State of Hispanic Theological E...US and Latin America M. Daniel Carroll R.
"Christ Voluntarily Subjected Himself to the Cr...dwards on John 10:18 Glenn R. Kreider
"Cognitive Coupling:" A Hermeneutic for Interpr...enomenon (hendiadys) Kyle D. Rapinchuk
"Draw Near": Worship in Hebrews David Allen
"Formally, it is noe worship:" Marriage, Nature...-Reformation England Andrew J. Martin
"Happy in His Doing": The Macarisms and Message of James 1 Kenneth Trax
"Hoy" The Present State of Hispanic Theological...US and Latin America Juan Martinez
"I Will Write It on Their Hearts:" The Decalogue in Jeremiah E. Coye Still IV
"In Christ" in Paul - Exploring the Land Promised Richard Shenk
"Jesus Was Found Alone": Luke's Remnant Christo...arrative (Luke 9:28) Jeremy D. Otten
"Just as He Wills": The Volitional Activity in I Cor. 12:7-11 Eric Oldenburg
"Lent It Go": The Liturgical Calendar and Low-Church Tradition Matthew Westerholm
"Mañana" The Future of Hispanic Theological Edu...US and Latin America Octavio Esqueda
"Migration" and its Effect on Hispanic Theological Education Miguel Echevarria
"No Other Name": A Biblical Theology of Preaching in Acts Jared Bumpers
"Nobles and Barons of the Court of Heaven": The...of Jonathan Edwards Dustin W. Benge
"Not the same God": Alexander Carson (1776-1844...nitarian Controversy Ian Hugh Clary
"Now, sir, who is ‘ignorant?'" Epistolary Frays...r and William Vidler Chris Chun
"Remedies for Afflicted Saints": Puritan Pastor...Biblical Counseling" Greg Salazar
"Sharing Christ's Zeal for His House": John Jew...tation of Psalm 69:9 Andre A. Gazal
"Signs and Wonders": Echoes of Deuteronomy in t...peeches of Acts 1-15 Donny R. Mathis-II
"That You May Do Them": Legal Motive Clauses an...on in Ancient Israel James M. Todd III
"The Boundaries of Our Habitation": Why We Need Nations Richard J Mouw
"The Heresie of This Evil Person and Grand Here...-century Christology Jonathan W. Arnold
"The Son of God Appeared to Prophets and Patria...ew of Christophanies Rex D. Butler
"To Toke or Not to Toke? Pot is the Question":...ational Cannabis Use Guenther Gene Haas
"When they know only or chiefly its language, n...horn and Socinianism Baiyu Andrew Song
'Jesus and Paul' according to Luke Steve Walton
'The Lord and Giver of Life': The Holy Spirit's Presence in Creation Daniel L. Hill
?Edwards, the Epistemology of Emotions, and Religious Disagreement Jason McMartin
‘Best kept under lock and key': William Wilberf...f Theophilus Lindsey Michael D. McMullen
‘Christ as the Central Sun of Scripture': C. H....tation of the Psalms Stephen A. Reynolds
‘Judged Under the Law of Liberty': Austrian Eco...the Poor in James 2 Ryder A Wishart
‘The Fundamentals' and the Liberal Evangelical Doctrine of Conversion Sean McGever
1 Cor 13:8-13 and the Debate over the Continuat...n of Spiritual Gifts Bruce Compton
A "Special Anthropology" Indeed Philip Harrold
A Biblical Theology of Creation: Jesus Presente...gns of John's Gospel Alexander R. Gonzales
A Biblical-Theological Approach to the Most Sublime Song James M. Hamilton
A Consideration of Messianism in the Light of L...mpositional Approach Seth Postell
A Defense of Global Divine Command Theory Justin Morton
A Defense of the Corruption Only View of Original Sin Ben Whittington
A Devil of a Time: 19th Century Evangelical Cor...ization of the Devil John Mark Yeats
A Free Church in a Free State: E.Y. Mullins and Religious Liberty Joseph David Garner-III
A Free Church in a Free State: E.Y. Mullins and Religious Liberty Joseph David Garner-III
A Hindu Church? Ecclesiology and Hindu Christ-Followers in India Darren Duerksen
A Last-Resort Argument for God from Evil Paul Copan
A Marital Approach to the Song of Songs Tremper Longman III
A More Pleasant Elevation: Christological OT Ex...itiers' De Trinitate Daniel (Danny) Slavich
A New Taxonomy of Functions for the NT Use of the OT Douglas S. Huffman
A People Belonging to God: 1 Peter and the Old...f Christian Identity David M. Shaw
A Pro-logos on the Prologue of John: A Linguist...lysis of John 1:1–18 A. Moises Zumaeta
A Proposed Taxonomy of Recapitulation Philip A. Lock
A Report on the First Season of Excavation at K...(Biblical 'Ataroth) Ralph K. Hawkins
A Road Runs through It...: Finds from the 2018/ Tel Beth-Shemesh Dale W. Manor
A Sacrificial Explanation of Atonement: How Yom...the Death of Christ Jonathan Rutledge
A Shaky Foundation? John Owen's Use of the Covenant of Redemption Robert Jason Pickard
A Sour Intertextual History: Psalm 69 and Sour...n of the Crucifixion John Anthony Dunne
A Story of Exclusion? A Case Study of Matthew 15:21-28 Hyun Bo Sim
A Theological and Pragmatic Framework for the Co-Vocational Pastor Rustin J. Umstattd
A Theological Model of the Addiction to Pornography Jeffery Black
A Theological Perspective on Verbal, Emotional, and Sexual Abuse Lilly H. Park
A Theological Understanding of the Effects of Addictive Desires Greg E. Gifford
A Theology of Christ's Rule of Heaven in Edwards' Homiletics John L. Inman-III
A Trinitarian Theology of Hell
A. Chadwick Thornhill The Spirit Moves Where I...eology of the Spirit A. Chadwick Thornhill
Abraham Kuruvilla - Big Idea, RIP? Rejoinder to Jeffrey Arthurs Abraham Kuruvilla
Achan Typology in the Former Prophets David Firth
Adam's Sin and Jesus' Death in Romans (Romans 5:12-21) Frank Thielman
Addiction & Attachment: From Models to Ministry Care John W. Auxier
Against Philosophical Methodological Naturalism Benjamin H. Arbour
AI but not Ai: A Look into Biblical Intelligence (AI) Chet Roden
An "East Asian" Response to Shame-full (Mis)Interpretations of Romans 7 Jackson Wu
An Appeal for the Value of Natural Revelation in Apologetics Wayne House
An Appreciative but Critical Analysis of Gary H...for the Resurrection Robert Stewart
An Aramaic Logos?: Evidence of Targumic Christo...n the Church Fathers Adam Howell
An Encouraging Thought: The Christian Worldview of Middle-earth Donald T. Williams
An Evangelical Appropriation of Kenosis James M. Henderson
An Examination of 20th Century Views on the Rel...physics and Theology Joshua Kira
An Examination of Emil Brunner's Engagement of...h Movement) in Japan Brian J.G. Min
An Experiment in Odium: Retrieving Classical To...y Atonement Doctrine Derek Z. Rishmawy
An Exploration of Cyril of Alexandria's Partitive Reading Strategy Shawn J. Wilhite
An Honored Obligation: How the Gospel is Good News in Confucian Societies Daniel Lim
An Iconographic Approach to the Song of Songs Ellen F. Davis
An Intertextual Relationship between Psalm 110:1 and Genesis 3:15 Iosif J. Zhakevich
An Ironic Redemption: Luke's Use of Psalm 2 LXX in Luke 23:1-25 Travis J. Montgomery
Analogia Commutati: Classical Theism in Chinese Categories Kyle Smith
And So We Came to Rome: From Malta to Sinuessa Mark Wilson
And So We Came to Rome: Sinuessa to Rome Glen L. Thompson
Andrew Fuller and Human Responsibility in its Relation to Revival Ryan Rindels
Andrew Fuller's Augustinian Influenced Socinian Apologetic Andrew Q. Morgan