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The complete recordings of the 70th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society on the theme of the Holy Spirit, November 13-15, 2018, Denver CO. The keynote speakers and addresses are Michael A. G. Haykin (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), ‘The Lord, the Life-giver': Confessing the Holy Spirit in the Fourth Century; Craig S. Keener (Asbury Theological Seminary), The Spirit and the Mission of the Church; Michael Horton (Westminster Seminary California), Lord and Life-Giver: The Holy Spirit's Role in the History of Redemption; and the ETS Presidential Address, David S. Dockery (Trinity International University), Toward a Theology of Evangelical Higher Education.
Michael S. Horton Dr. Horton is the J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics at Westminster Seminary California. He holds a B.A., Biola University; M.A., Westminster Seminary California; Ph.D., University of Coventry and Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. His most recent books are Rediscovering the Holy Spirit: God’s Perfecting Presence in Creation, Redemption, and Everyday Life; Core Christianity:... read more
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""01 PLENARY Scriptural Inerrancy: The Witness of Andrew Fuller Michael Haykin
""02 PLENARY The Spirit and Mission Craig Keener
""03 Plenary In Defense of Penal Substitution William Lane Craig
""04 PLENARY Rediscovering the Holy Spirit and...atology in Dogmatics Michael S. Horton
"Abraham Rejoiced to See My Day and Saw It": Jesus' Take on Theophanies Randy Rheaume
"Can We Believe in Creation and Evolution?" – Research Project James K. Hoffmeier
"In You Our Ancestors Put Their Trust": Psalm 2...hrist" in Romans 1–4 Matthew Monkemeier
"Messenger of the covenant" in Malachi 3:1: John or Jesus? E. Ray Clendenen
"Mother Knows Best:" The Maternal Turn in Ameri...t Nurture, 1820-1860 David Setran
"Offspring like the Sands": Abraham's Offspring in the Book of Isaiah Benjamin M. Smith
"Persons" Divine and Human: The Concept of Pers...ond Nicaea for Today J. Scott Horrell
"Punish them, Lord"/"Father, forgive them": Chr...ulation of the Canon Eric Johnson
"Punish them, Lord"/"Father, forgive them": Chr...ulation of the Canon Stephen Dempster
"Savior of All People": Distinguishing Universa...he Pastoral Epistles Brian H. Tung
"The Elegancy of the Holy Ghost": The Holy Spir...Puritan Plain Style Nathan Tarr
"The Spirit that Loveth Unanimity": Lancelot An...e of the Holy Spirit Andre A. Gazal
"Visibly Wicked Persons Ought Not to Be Tolerat...and Excommunication Glenn R. Kreider
"We" Language and Pauline Authorship Kevin L. Moore
"You shall surely die." Reading Genesis 2:17 as...nd Blessing Formula. Pierre Gilbert
#Metoo and Evangelicalism: Shattering Myths about Sexual Abuse and Power Steven R. Tracy
(Hyper)Enduring to the End: A Block Universe Ar...a Hypertime Solution Patrick Brown
(Mis)Naming God in Second-Century Christian Polemics Christopher A. Graham
-Plenary 01 - God's Simplicity: God Without Parts James Dolezal
-Plenary 3 David Dockery Presidential Address Higher Education David S. Dockery
-Plenary 4 - Michael Horton - The Lord and Give...s Role in Redemption Michael S. Horton
‘But You Received the Spirit of Adoption' (Rom...of Filial Obedience Joshua Maurer
‘Jacob's Trouble': The Shechem Fiasco and the B...venant in Genesis 34 Brian Neil Peterson
‘The Voluntary Author of All Divine Operations'...17th-Century England Jonathan W. Arnold
‘To Behold the Beauty of Jehovah': Calvin on th...of God in the Psalms Alden C. McCray
01 Plenary Protestant or Papist: The Necessity...Self-Authentication K. Scott Oliphint
02a Plenary - The Anatomy of Unbelief (Rom. 1:18-32) K. Scott Oliphint
02b Plenary Making Sense of the Different Apologetic Maps Josh Chatraw
03a Plenary Apologetics in Action Paul at the Areopagus K. Scott Oliphint
03b Plenary Apologetics at the Cross Josh Chatraw
1 Peter's Use of the Holy Spirit Doug Holm
1 Timothy as a Matrix for the 'Lawful' Use of the Law L. Timothy Swinson
A ‘Happy Union': Piety in the Marriage of Philip and Mercy Doddridge Joseph C. Harrod
A Barthian and Pentecostal turn to the Holy Spi...trine of the Trinity Steven M. Studebaker
A Biblical/Historical Case for Global Christian Spiritual Renewal Richard J. McLaughlin
A Book ‘Worth Publishing': The Making of Westco...tion of the Greek NT Peter J. Gurry
A Call to Piety: A New Interpretation of The Ju...her on Monastic Vows Neal Martin
A Consideration of D. L. Moody's Use of the Phr...m of the Holy Spirit Mark H Ballard
A Critique of Postmodern Evangelical Rejections of Natural Theology Andrew I. Shepardson
A Crown of Suffering and Glory Eric Turner
A Defense of the Holy Spirit as God from a Bibl...nguistic Perspective Leander Chalice
A Family of Royal Priests: Why the Priesthood o...Must Be "In Christ" David Schrock
A King's Speech: Royal Ideology in 1 Sam 17:31-37 Kenton F. Williams
A Lewis–Plantinga Response to Epistemic Skeptic...Religious Experience Chris D. Lee
A Lock of Hair, a Ruined Cabin, and a Party Writing Biography John D. Wilsey
A Pauline Theology of the Holy Spirit in the Letters to Timothy and Titus Terry L Wilder
A Possible Scriptural Precedent for Paul's Teac...arriage?) in 1 Cor 7 Brian Neil Peterson
A Post-Montanist Perspective: The Holy Spirit i...rican Martyr Account Megan DeVore
A Promising Future: The Eschatological Third Vi...STIS CHRISTOU Debate Johnathan Harris
A Question Never Asked: What do The Attributes...ith The Holy Spirit? Matthew Barrett
A Question of Orthodoxy: The First London Bapti...Contemporary Critics James M Renihan
A Rational and Spiritual Worship: Comparing J....and Jonathan Edwards Matthew Raley
A Reply to Speaks's Challenge to Perfect Being Theology Tien-Chun Lo
A Review of the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) Mark L. Strauss
A Spring of Living Water: Metaphors for Spirit...ospel and Revelation Mark Wilson
A Step Back Every Now and Again: Horton's Ordinary Pneumatology Fred Sanders
A Theological Aesthetic Model of the Doctrine o...spect to God the Son Jonathan King
A Theological Evaluation of the Revisions in the Christian Standard Bible Garet D. Robinson
A Theological Review of Union with Christ in God & Soul Care Steven L. Porter
A Thorn by Any Other Name: Dominance and Its Role in Abuse Mimi Haddad
A Voice Among the Restricted French Delegates on Predestination Matthew Scott Harding
Abiding in the True Vine: Exegetical Solutions...ties in John 15:1-10 Raju D. Kunjummen
Abila of the Decapolis: the 2018 Season of Excavation David Vila
ABR's Second Season at Shiloh - 2018 Scott Stripling
Absent from the Handbooks? The Role of the Holy...nt Textual Criticism Maurice A. Robinson
Abuse: What Is It? Why Is It? And What Can We Do about It Igrid Faro
Accents and Exegesis: A Guide for the Perplexed Mark Futato
Acts, the Spirit, and Latin American Hermeneutics Carlos Sosa Siliezar
Adopted into the Family of God: Ephesians 1:5 in light of Roman Adoption Joe Fantin
Adopters and Adapters of Gerald Wilson's Canonical Approach to the Psalms David M. Howard Jr.
Adoption in the Jesus Tradition David Capes
Agency and Obduracy: A Comparison of Romans 11:8 and 1QIsa Stuart Langley
Alan Kurschner The Theological WordConcept Fal...ritique Then and Now Alan E. Kurschner
Allison and Kostenberger - A Biblical and Syste...y of the Holy Spirit Gregg R Allison
An Appreciative Disagreement with the Nashville Statement Preston Sprinkle
An Eleventh-Century Text in Which the Rapture the Last Judgment Francis X. Gumerlock
An Evangelical Tent for Neurobiology? Laura Barwegen
An Evidentialist Model of Faith Travis Dickinson
An Exegesis of Psalm 90 in Light of the Old Testament Narrative Dustin Jeremy Coleman
Analysis and Conclusions Regarding 1 Tim 2:8-3:1a Marjorie J. Cooper
And His Spirit Was Troubled"": Towards a Pneuma...f the Book of Daniel Timothy M Rucker
Andy Thrasher Substantial Persons in Trinitarian Relationality
Anglican Theology: Confessions, Creeds, and Reformed Catholicity Joel Scandrett
Anglican View of Confessions, Creeds, and Reformed Catholicity Greg Peters
Anglo-Catholic or Anglo-Orthodox?: The Evangel...eglected Distinction Michael J. McClymond
Another Look at the Structure of Malachi: A Dis...Analysis Perspective John Oswalt
Answering Islamic State: A Modest Proposal John D. Laing
Apostle Stories after the New Testament: Discer...the Apocryphal Acts W. Brian Shelton
Applying the Portraits of God Matt Friedeman
Archaeological Surveys on the Karak Plateau: Evidence for Nabateans John Wineland
Archibald Alexander and the Reception of Scotti...pondent Paul Helseth Michael J. Plato
Are Literal Translations More Respectful of the...Work in Inspiration? Bill Mounce
Assumptions and Antecedents of Gerald Wilson's...proach to the Psalms Tremper Longman III
Augmentations to Gerald Wilson's Canonical Approach to the Psalms Jamie Grant
Augustine on Adam and Eve Gavin Ortlund
Augustine, Pelagius, and Original Sin: Reflections on an Old Problem Bradley G. Green