ETS 2007 - Teaching Them to Obey (507 mp3s)

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Newly Available; Get the complete downloads (over 500)! This important conference addressed the Great Commission and many other related missions themes, as well as issues such as biblical worship, epistemology, and much more. This collection contains the entire digital recordings of ETS 2007, the 59th Annual Meeting of Evangelical Theological Society, held in San Diego, CA. The theme was, Teaching Them to Obey. Plenary speakers: Douglas J. Moo (Wheaton College), Christopher J.H. Wright (Langham Partnership International), Philip Jenkins (Penn State University), and David Wells (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary). View the complete program here.


David Wells David F. Wells (born 1939) is a Christian theologian and an ordained Congregational minister. He is also the Andrew Mutch Distinguished Professor of historical and systematic theology at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, South Hamilton, Massachusetts. Wells has a ThM from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (1967), a PhD from the University of Manchester (1969), and post-doctoral Research Fellow... read more
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01 Teaching Them to Obey Douglas Moo
02 OT Ethics in Covenantal and Missional Perspective Christopher J.H. Wright
03 Now that Faith Has Come Philip Jenkins
04 Christian Discipleship in a Postmodern World David Wells
1 Corinthians 7:9 and Teaching Sexual Purity in...the Emerging Culture Jason S. Sexton
13 In Obedience to the Commands of Jesus: The R...Denominations . . . WIlliam H. Day
40 Years On Temple Mount Research Since 1967 Leen Ritmeyer
4QJerb and the Text of Jeremiah Todd S Beall
A Biblical Answer to the Problem of Evil Scobie P. Smith
A Difficult Obedience: The We Narrator Paul and...he Road to Jerusalem Michael A. Salmeier
A FamilyValues Trinity? The Use of Trinitarian...ys The Truth Project Randall Rauser
A Followup to David Wellss Plenary Address David Wells
A Further Response to William Lane Craigs Fictionalism R. Scott Smith
A Historical Reading of Genesis 11:19: The Sume...r the UR III Dynasty Paul T. Penley
A Historiographical Comparison of the Assyrian...the Biblical Record Debra T. Dyk
A Look at Jeremiah 31:22 Jack G. Lewis
A Meta Study on the Debate Over the Meaning of Head in Pauls Writings Alan F. Johnson
A More Inward Manner: Bernard Lonergans Contrib...sychological Analogy R. J. Snell
A Passion for God: The Philosophical Theology of Paul Holmer John W. Shouse
A Perspective of Reformed Epistemology on Logic...20thCentury Science John K. Park
A Proposal for Right Handed Teaching for Spiritual Formation Kevin E. Lawson
A Study of the Relevance of the Great Awakening...and the Bible Class Yungsil Park
A Study on the Relationship Between the English...on Thomas Cartwright JongHun Yoon
A Text Linguistic Analysis of the AmnonTamar Narrative 2 Samuel 13
A Theological and Psychological Examination of...ptable Sin of Gossip Robert W. Evans
A Transforming Vision: Spiritual Formation and...f 2 Corinthians 3:18 Steve Roy
Abraham Blessing and the Nations: A Proposed Paradigm Benjamin J. Noonan
Additional Insights into Pauls View of Divine S...isees and the Stoics Doug Finkbeiner
Aemulator Et Imitator: Posidiuss Vita Augustini...ry Discipleship Tool Edward L. Smither
Amazing Grace in Spiritual Formation David B. Wyrtzen
An Apologists Evening Prayer: Reflections on th...C. S. Lewiss Legacy Donald T. Williams
An Armenian Perspective on the Search for Noahs Ark Rick Lanser
An Epistemology of Faith: The Role of Belief in Knowing Tim Yoder
An Evaluation of the MultiSite Church Movement Thomas White
An Evangelical Approach to Old Testament Narrative Criticism Danny Hays
An International Harvest: The Present Form of the Kingdom of God Walt Russell
And Kings Shall Come Forth From You: Abrahams Royal Seed in Genesis David D. Pettus
And the disciples were called Christians Antioch and Today Steve Strauss
Apologetic Argumentation: Christian Confession...ble in Justin Martyr John A. Adair
Apostasy in the Hebrews Warning Passages Revisited Robert A. Peterson
Are Body and Flesh in 1 Corinthians 6:16 Being...ul Contrasting Them? B. Ward Powers
Are Disciples Born or Made? Charles C. Bing
Are We Teaching Them to Obey the Message of the New Testament Jason Hood
Area M at Hazor Revisited Gordon Franz
Ascriptivism and Women in Missions Mimi Haddad
Attaining God: Ministry and Martyrdom in Ignatius of Antioch Carl B. Smith
Attending Carefully to His Command Obedience as a Lifelong Woodrow E. Walton
Augustines Doctrine of Creation L. Russ Bush
Baptismal Practice and Theology of Augustine Bishop of Hippo North Africa Rex D. Butler
Basic Ecclesial Communities: Lessons for Evange...Liberation Theology? Earl Waggoner
Basil Manly Jr. and the Southern Baptist Sunday School Movement Timothy M. McAlhaney
Be Fruitful and Multiply: A Holistic Old Testam...the Progeny Blessing Jamie Viands
Be It Ever So Humble...: Homelessness Christian...t of Christian Unity W. David Buschart
Beauty Virtue and Wisdom Michele Armstrong
Bethsaida and Other Fortified Cities in Norther...l During Iron Age II Boyd Seevers
Better Than Sacrifice Grenville Kent
Beyond Respectability: Forging a Radical Paradi...reasingly Dark World Fred Smith
Biblical Inerrancy for a Postmodern Age: A Repl...schke and a Proposal Alan Padgett
Biblicism Evangelism and Social Action: Insepar...Missionary Movement Mimi Haddad
Brian McLaren: Gone Native or Crazy Like a Fox? Jason Poling
But beyond this my son be warned: Inspiration a...Peter Ennss Proposal Richard Schultz
C. S. Lewis and the Irrationality of Calvinisms Terrible Tenet David Baggett
C. S. Lewis Platonism and Aslans Country: Symbo...Chronicles of Narnia H. Dennis Fisher
Calvins Evangelistic Zeal as Exemplified in Crespins Martyrology Thomas P. Johnston
Can Discourse Analysis Help Solve the Problem of James Structure? William Varner
Can Friendship Redeem Eros or Do We Need to Read Great Books Too? Timothy P. Erdel
Can Naturalism Capture the Wonder of It All? Terri Merrick
Can We Teach People to Love Each Other? Insight...y and Social Science Mark H. Heinemann
Canonical Effect of the Antecedent Scriptures t...of the Hebrew Bible Alan KamYau Chan
Carl F. H. Henry Propositional Revelation and Semantic Content Justin Grace
Caspar Olevianus and the Old Perspective on Paul R. Scott Clark
Challenging the Accepted Western Hermeneutics:...n Biblical Prophecy? Jinkyu Kim
Charismatic Experience as Religious Experience: An Evidential Approach Craig Thompson
Charles Dickenss Views of Baptism and the Lords Supper Helen J. Aling
Chiasm in the Gospel of John: General Survey and Proposal for John 24 Lars Kierspel
Christian Artists and Art Critics: The Apologet...ngelical Involvement Joseph D. Wooddell
Christian Formation Toward What End? A Model of...Kingdom Flourishing Klaus Issler
Christian Obedience in Light of Psalm 119 W. Creighton Marlowe
Christian Theodicy in Light of Genesis and Mode...e to William Dembski Terry Mortenson
Christopher Colombus and the Ethics of Eschatology J. Kameron Carter
Christopher Wrights The Mission of God: Unlocki...bles Grand Narrative Eckhard J. Schnabel
Christopher Wrights The Mission of God: Unlocki...bles Grand Narrative
Classifying Irony Conceptually: John as a Test Case Brian Larsen
Cognition and Faith Formation: A Reflection on...ta Themata and Faith Jonathan H. Kim
Cognitive Therapy and Personal Suffering: Treating Our Worst Pain Gary Habermas
Colin Guntons Critique of the Evangelical Doctr...oration and Response Craig Carter
Compatibilism and the Incarnation: Christologic...ding Human Free Will Marc Cortez
Confessions of a Confucianist Sheryl Takagi Silzer
Connecting with the Unchurched through Sports Evangelism Josef Solc
Consented Obedience Legitimate Authority: American Culture Eddie N. Colanter
Counseling with Wisdom: Meeting the Challenge o...wledge and Scripture Kevin D. Kennedy
Criticizing Criticism: Rethinking What Can and Cannot Do Ray Lubeck
Crucial Mistranslations in Lukes Gospel C. Gordon Olson
Curing Cartesian Anxiety: Some Criteria for a F...ption of Rationality Thomas A. Provenzola
Dating Daniels Throne Vision Ryan E. Stokes
Death Before the Fall? An Analysis of Bill Demb...Earth and YoungEarth Gregory Smith
Debate on Noahs Ark: Affirming Agri Dagh in Turkey Rex Geissler
Debate on Noahs Ark: Affirming Cudi Dagh in Turkey Bill Crouse
Demons and Believers: What Shall We Teach? Gerry Breshears
Descartes Philosophy Reconciled with Augustines...What It Can Teach Us Jason Benjamin Oakes