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For those studying or teaching Zechariah, these lectures are virtually a necessary resource. Many commentators miss the symbolism, not knowing the symbolism of the tabernacle/temple, priesthood, etc. Zechariah is a difficult book, described as “obscure” by Jerome (translator of the Latin Vulgate), yet it is "the most quoted section of the prophets in the passion narratives of the Gospels and, next to Ezekiel, [it] has influenced the author of Revelation more than any other Old Testament writer” (Baldwin, Tyndale Commentary).Zechariah is a post-exilic prophet and is the last and longest of the “Book of the Twelve” minor prophets (211 vss). Little is known of the life of the prophet, however, “His name is in the titles of Pss 137, 145–50 in the LXX; in the titles of Pss 111, 145 in the Vulgate; and in the titles to Pss 125, 145–48 in the Syriac” (Smith, Word Biblical Commentary). The prophet Haggai and Zechariah worked together (Ezr. 5:1) in calling for completing the second temple after persecution halted its building (Ezr. 1, 4:6; Zech. 4:9, 6:12).  For example we find, 13:7–9, the smitten shepherd and the scattered sheep; 9:16, the thankless flock; 9:9–10, behold, your king; 14:4, the Day of the Lord; 11:12 thirty pieces of silver; 12:10, the pierced one; 14:21 the expulsion of traders from the temple (FF Bruce, cited in Smith, WBC). Zechariah is quoted or alluded to 41 times in the NT; the much larger book of Isaiah is cited 85 times; Psalms are cited about 100 times. It called “the most Messianic, the most truly apocalyptic and eschatological, of all the writings of the OT” (Barker, Expositors BIblical Commentary). “The book prepares God’s people for the le worst calamity they can ever face, the triumph of evil over good. Even God’s representative dies at the hand of evil men” (Baldwin). Many critical scholars divide the book in two sections by two different writers (“First/Proto” Zech. 1-8; “Second/Deutero” Zech. 9-14) because of stylistic differences.

This collection contains 13 detailed lessons through Zechariah's "night visions" chs. 1-6, and a 3-part overview of Zechariah by the insightful biblical scholar, James B. Jordan; and it contains Peter Leithart's five lectures on the second section of Zechariah, chapters 8-14. These lectures elucidate the visions of Zechariah and much of the difficult material, as well as providing a strong defense of the unity of this important part of the "Book of the Twelve."



James B. Jordan James B. Jordan is the Director of Biblical Horizons ministries, a theological think tank that publishes books, monographs, essays and taped lectures focused on Bible commentary, Biblical theology and liturgical theology. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia in comparative literature. During four years in the United States Air force,... read more
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01 Zechariah 1:16 James B. Jordan
02 Zechariah 1:78 James B. Jordan
03 Zechariah 1:817 James B. Jordan
04 Zechariah 1:1821 James B. Jordan
05 Zechariah 2 James B. Jordan
06 Zechariah 3:14 James B. Jordan
07 Zechariah 3:510 James B. Jordan
08 Zechariah 4:110 James B. Jordan
09 - Zechariah 9-14 I PJL Peter J. Leithart
09 Zechariah 4:1114 James B. Jordan
10 - Zechariah 9-14 II PJL Peter J. Leithart
10 Zechariah 5:14 James B. Jordan
11 - Zechariah 9-14 III PJL Peter J. Leithart
11 Zechariah 5:511 James B. Jordan
12 - Zechariah 9-14 IV PJL Peter J. Leithart
12 Zechariah 6:18 James B. Jordan
13 - Zechariah 9-14 PJL Peter J. Leithart
13 Zechariah 6:915 James B. Jordan
A ThreePart Overview of Zechariah 01 James B. Jordan
A ThreePart Overview of Zechariah 02 James B. Jordan
A ThreePart Overview of Zechariah 03 James B. Jordan