ETS 2016 - Inerrancy and the Trinity (4 mp3s)

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Recordings from the ETS 2016 national meeting from the section, Inerrancy: Inerrancy and the Trinity. About this conference - The 68th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society with the theme - The Trinity - November 15-17, 2016, in San Antonio, TX.
Vern S. Poythress Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Westminster Theological Seminary (B.S., California Institute of Technology, 1966; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1970; M.Div., Westminster Theological Seminary, 1974; Th.M., 1974; M.Litt., University of Cambridge, 1977; D.Th., University of Stellenbosch, 1981; Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Fresno State College, 1970-1971; Teaching Staff, Summer Institute... read more
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Dan Doriani - Inerrancy and the Trinity in Pastoral Proclamation Dan Doriani
Inerrancy and the Trinity - Patristic Perspectives Rebecca Rine
Paul House - Inerrancy and the Trinity - Old Testament Perspectives Paul House
Vern S. Poythress - Inerrancy and the Trinity -...nication in Language Vern S. Poythress