Reformed Liturgy Conferences (17 mp3s)

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These talks were given at three annual conferences from the first ever Reformed Liturgy Conference, held as a conference at the PCA's General Assembly meetings. These talks include some of the most powerful arguments for the value of a biblical and historical, liturgical approach to worship from a Reformational perspective. These excellent discussions will prove to be monumental and landmarks on the changing direction of worship; excellent messages from worship scholars and pastors from a Reformed and liturgical point of view.

Jeffrey J. Meyers Jeffrey Meyers is pastor of Providence Reformed Church in St. Louis. He is the husband of one, and father of four, and author of The Lord's Service (Canon Press). Visit Providence Reformed online at .
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2000 01 James B Jordan Worship as Covenant Renewal James B. Jordan
2000 02 Peter Leithart One Loaf a Sign of the New City Peter J. Leithart
2000 03 Jeff Meyers Why Presbyterians Dont Like Liturgy Jeffrey J. Meyers
2000 04 Leonard Payton Enduring to the EndLiturgy for the Elderly Leonard Payton
2000 05 Don Stone Liturgical Prayer - Faith Working through Love Don Stone
2000 06 Discussion
2000 07 Worship and Psalms
2001 01 Robert Rayburn How to Bring Liturgical Reformation Robert Rayburn Jr.
2001 02 James B Jordan Four Liturgical Concerns 1 James B. Jordan
2001 03 James B Jordan Four Liturgical Concerns 2 James B. Jordan
2001 04 Jeff Meyers How to Lead in Worship Jeffrey J. Meyers
2002 01 James B Jordan Covenant Renewal 1 James B. Jordan
2002 02 James B Jordan Covenant Renewal 2 James B. Jordan
2002 04 Wesley Baker The Importance Weekly Communion 2 Wesley Baker
2002 05 Peter Leithart The Lords Supper as Celebration 01 Peter J. Leithart
2002 06 Peter Leithart The Lords Supper as Celebration 02 Peter J. Leithart
The Importance Weekly Communion 1 Wesley Baker