Davenant Trust - Why Yoder was Wrong and Hooker was Right (4 mp3s)

Davenant Trust - Why Yoder was Wrong and Hooker was Right (4 mp3s)
Organization: Davenant
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The Davenant Trust's Regional Convivium (1/7-8, 2016), held at West Toronto Baptist Church. This collection of talks includes: Dr. Craig Carter, "Why Yoder Was Wrong”
Dr. Brad Littlejohn, "Why Hooker Was Right: Trumpism, Radicalism, and the Need for Discrimation"
Andrew Fulford, "Finding First Principles: Jesus, Ethics, and Natural Law"
Dr. Michael J. Plato, "Why Posthumanism is Right and Wrong”

Bradford Littlejohn Dr. Brad Littlejohn is the President of the Davenant Trust, an organization dedicated to renewing classical Protestant wisdom at the intersection of the church and academy. He has written for popular and scholarly audiences on political theology, Christian ethics, Reformation studies, and the Mercersburg theology, and also teaches philosophy at Moody Bible Institute.
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Finding First Principles: Jesus Ethics and Natural Law Andrew Fulford
Why Hooker Was Right: Trumpism Radicalism and the Need for Discrimation Bradford Littlejohn
Why John Howard Yoder was Wrong Craig Carter
Why Posthumanism is Right and Wrong Michael J. Plato