Paedocommunion Debate - Rob Rayburn v Kenneth Gentry

Paedocommunion Debate - Rob Rayburn v Kenneth Gentry
Organization: Greenville
Price: $10.00

Should Baptized Little Children be Included at the Table? All the mp3s from a two-hour public debate before 600 people at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Spring, 2004. Dr. Gentry defends the historic Reformed position of profession of faith preceding partaking of the Lord's Supper. Dr. Rayburn defends the view that all those who are baptized, including pre-professing children, have the right to partake of the Lord's table. This lively debate includes opening statements, cross examination, audience Q & A, and closing statements.

Ken L Gentry Jr Dr. Gentry, is a graduate of Tennessee Temple University (B.A., cum laude), Reformed Theological Seminary (M. Div.), Whitefield Theological Seminary (Th. M.; Th. D., summa cum laude). He is the Executive Director of GoodBirth Ministries, a non-profit religious educational ministry committed to sponsoring, subsidizing, and advancing serious Christian scholarship and education. He has published scores... read more
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01 Rayburn Paedocommunion Debate Opening Affirmative Robert Rayburn Jr.
02-Gentry Debate Opening Negative Ken L Gentry Jr
03-Rayburn Debate Rebuttal Affirmative Robert Rayburn Jr.
04-Gentry Debate Rebuttal Negative Ken L Gentry Jr
05-Rayburn-Gentry Debate QandA Robert Rayburn Jr.
06-Gentry Debate Closing Negative Ken L Gentry Jr
07-Rayburn Debate Closing Affirmative Robert Rayburn Jr.