Association of Classical Christian Schools - Atlanta (45 mp3s)

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This the ACCS 2009 Mp3 Downloads of all recorded sessions [about 45] on audio CDs) - Recorded in Atlanta, GA (June 25-27, 2009), featuring plenary sessions with Chuck Colson, George Grant, Douglas Wilson, and Matt Whitling.

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01 Douglas Wilson Value of Classical Education Douglas Wilson
03 Laurie Detweiler Creative Teaching Laurie Detweiler
04 Phil Arant Evolving Science Program Phil Arant
05 John Hodges Music as a Liberal Art John Hodges
07 L. Denise Hollidge Chanting and Singing Denise Hollidge
09 Marlin Detweiler Rhetoric Formidable Discipline Marlin Detweiler
11 George Grant To the Uttermost Global Vision George Grant
12 Charles Dowers Science Education Discussion Charles Dowers
13 Matt Whitling Innocent Envy Matt Whitling
14 Dory Zinkland Beyond Phonics Dory Zinkland
16 Karen Moore Latin in Dialtectic School Karen Moore
17 Ty Fischer Working Collaboratively Ty Fischer
18 Doug Wilson Good Christian Co-Workers Douglas Wilson
19 Matt Whitling Covenant Discipline Matt Whitling
20 Julie Garfield Firm Foundation in Latin School Grammar Julie Garfield
21 Jim Nance Logic Tools of Learning Jim Nance
22 Ralph Janikowsky Christian Leadership Ralph Janikowsky
23 George Grant Wilberforce George Grant
24 George Grant Begats Genaology of C.C.E George Grant
25 Dory Zinkand Foundations of Lesson Planning Dory Zinkland
26 Nancy Lockett A Place for Everything Nancy Lockett
27 Karen Moore Virtual Vergil Karen Moore
28 Don Post Budgeting Workshop part 1 Don Post
29 Doug Wilson Principles and Methods Douglas Wilson
30 Matt Whitling Sins of the Classroom Matt Whitling
31 Jason Smith Writing with Excellence Jason Smtih
32 Jim Nance Fundations of Logic Jim Nance
33 Don Post Budgeting Workshop part 2 Don Post
34 Tom Garfield The Seven Laws of Teaching Tom Garfield
35 Douglas Wilson A Short History of the ACCS Douglas Wilson
36 Ty Fischer Memory Period Ty Fischer
37 Melissa Martin Larger Than Life Literature Melissa Martin
39 Mike McKenna All the Worlds a Stage Drama in CCE Michael McKenna
40 David Goodwin Financing Building a Classical School David Goodwin
41 Melissa Martin Tools to Teach Literature Melissa Martin
43 Linda Janikowsky Classical Math in the 21st Century Linda Janikowsky
44 Tom Garfield Dont Boil Teachers in Classical Milk Tom Garfield
45 Wanti Wowor While America Sleeps God Works in Asia Wanti Wowor
46 Denise Hollidge Communication and Relationships with Parents Denise Hollidge
47 Turley Scripture and Moral Imagination Steve Turley
48 Rod Gilbert Ahead of School and Faculty Rod Gilbert
49 Gene Liechty Gwen Thomas Event Planning 101 Gene Liechty
50 Matt Whitling In the Light of the Scriptures Matt Whitling
51 Charles Colson Classical Christian Education the Imperative Charles Colson