Veritas Teacher Training Library (2001-2008)

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The COMPLETE Veritas Teacher Training Library (2001-2008) with hundreds of mp3s in downloadable format.

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Items Included

Excellence In Writing 1 Andrew Pudewa
Grammar Linguistics Andrew Pudewa
Introduction to Classical and Christian Education (Veritas 2004) Marlin Detweiler
01 Athens and Jerusalem Revisited Leland Ryken
01 Voddie Baucham - The Family - The Educator of Children Voddie Baucham
02 Classical Education 101 Marlin Detweiler
02 Julie Etter - Memory Period in the Classroom and at Home Julie Etter
03 Bruce Etter - Techniques for Teaching Dialectic and Rhetoric Students Bruce Etter
03 Memory Period.aif 1 Kathy Arrick
04 Marlin Detweiler - Classical Christian Education 101 Marlin Detweiler
04 The Language of the NT - Greek John Schwandt
05 Chris Perrin - Teaching Latin - Effective Ways at Home and School Christopher Perrin
05 Teaching Omnibus Effectively 1 Ty Fischer
06 Imagination as a Means of Grace Leland Ryken
06 Marie Owens - Principles of Teaching Science Marie Owens
07 Marlin Detweiler Pros and Cons of Schools Homes Schools and Coops Marlin Detweiler
07 Teaching Biology Robyn Burlew
08 Deb Chapin - All Grammar Age Children Can Love Math Deborah Chapin
08 Grammar Stage Latin Molly Carey
09 Bill Dawson Teaching Logic (part 1) Bill Dawson
09 Creating Great Projects Emily Fischer
10 Julie Etter Homeschool Journey The Aroma of Your Home Julie Etter
11 Day in the Life of a Homeschooler Lora Thompson
11 Laurie Detweiler The Disracted Child Marlin Detweiler
12 A Defense of Fantasy Literature Leland Ryken
12 Dale Siegenthaler Correcting Missing Math Algebra and Above Dale Siegenthaler
13 Marlin Detweiler Greasing the Skids Marlin Detweiler
13 Upper Grammar Math Kathy Arrick
14 Deb Chapin Nouns Verbs Adjectives Adverbs Why They Matter Deborah Chapin
14 Tips and Tricks 9 Units Andrew Pudewa
15 Bill Dawson Teaching Logic (part 2) Bill Dawson
15 Teaching Boys Andrew Pudewa
16 Purpose Driven Classroom Deborah Chapin
16 Voddie Baucham The Importance of Dad in Education Voddie Baucham
17 Voddie Baucham Family Driven Faith Voddie Baucham
17 Logic Bill Dawson
18 Voddie Baucham Recovering the Family Unit Voddie Baucham
18 Writing Andrew Pudewa
19 Guiding Children Toward Vocation and Dominion Marlin Detweiler
19 Sharon Strawbridge Give the Love of Reading From the Start Sharon Strawbridge
19f School Q&A Wilson Detweiler Fischer Douglas Wilson
20 Jackie Lake and Sharon Strawbridge - Teaching Phonics Sharon Strawbridge
20 Ty Fischer ABCs of Omnibus Ty Fischer
21 Emily Fischer Making Literature Come Alive (2nd-6th) Emily Fischer
21 Modern Foreign Language Bruce Etter
22 Church in Education Gregg Strawbridge
22 Deb Chapin The Efficient Classroom Deborah Chapin
23 Linguistics Andrew Pudewa
24 Pixie Lichtenstein Raising a Writer Pixie Lichtenstien
24 Reading Literature with CS Lewis Leland Ryken
25 Chris Perrin Rhetoric in the 21st Century Christopher Perrin
25 Writing from Pictures Andrew Pudewa
26 Integration of History Bible Literature Egypt (1) Deborah Chapin
26 Integration of History Bible Literature Egypt (1) Deborah Chapin
26 Stan Deen Teaching Through Drama Stan Deen
27 Integration of Bible History and Literature Nancy Stuart
27 Integration of Bible History and Literature Nancy Stuart
27 Sidney Henriquez Effective Bible and History in the Classroom Sidney Henriquez
28 Chris Perrin Rhetoric in the 21st Century part 2 Christopher Perrin
28 Integration Middle ages 1 Kathy Arrick
28 Integration Middle ages 1 Kathy Arrick
29 Bible as Literature Leland Ryken
29 Bible as Literature Leland Ryken
29 Laurie Detweiler Effective Bible and hisotyr at Home Laurie Detweiler
3-6 Math Eric VanDerhoof
30 Beauty in the Grammar Stage Music, Art, and Poetry Leslie Bustard Leslie Bustard
30 Integration of History or Bible Literature 2 Deborah Chapin
30 Integration of History or Bible Literature 2 Deborah Chapin
31 Integration 2 Nancy Stuart
31 Ty Fischer The Great Books and Young Teens Ty Fischer
32 Pixie Lichtenstein Preventing Burnout in the Homeschool Pixie Lichtenstien
33 Laurie Detweiler Creative Teaching Laurie Detweiler
34 Julie Etter Teaching the Bible in Kindergarten Bruce Etter
35 Jameson and Marlin Detweiler Reflections of a Classically Educated Kid Marlin Detweiler
36 Ty Fischer Omnibus - Teaching Dante Ty Fischer
36 Why We Read Classics Leland Ryken
37 Debi Long Teaching Music Marlin Detweiler
37 English Grammar Deborah Chapin
38 Thesis Crowning Achievement Ty Fischer
38 Ty Fischer Writing and Enjoying It Marlin Detweiler
39 Academic Standards Marlin Detweiler
39 Ned Bustard Art and Music - The Necessity of Beauty Marlin Detweiler
40 Kathy Arrick Spelling Can Be Difficult Kathy Arrick
41 Marlin Detweiler Thinking Outside the Box - Executing Electives Marlin Detweiler
41 Rhetoric Wesley Baker
42 Math K-3rd Deborah Chapin
42 Stan Deen Do I Need to Know That and the Delight of Learning Stan Deen
43 Marlin Detweiler A Tragectory for the Future...Christian Education Marlin Detweiler
43 Math Concepts Robyn Burlew
44 Intregration part 1 Laurie Detweiler
45 Integration of History Bible Literature 1 Jonathan Daughtrey
46 Understanding the Flow ...Western HIstory.mp3 Ty Fischer
47 Transforming Culture through Music Greg Wilbur
48 Integration 2 Marlin Detweiler
49 Integration 2 Jonathan Daughtrey
50 Math Robyn Burlew
51 Drama Stan Deen
52 Christian Student Leland Ryken
A Christian Approach to Art Ned Bustard
A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler Pixie Lichtenstien