Biblical Horizons 2007 Conference - Outside the Box (13 mp3s)

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The 2007 Biblical Horizons Annual Week-long Bible Conference - Outside the Box. Speakers include Mark Horne on Ephesians; Blake Purcell on Russian Orthodoxy; James Jordan on Nazirites and Knights, Rich Bledsoe on the homoerotic, and Bill DeJong on 1 Timothy.

Bill DeJong Bill DeJong has been the pastor of Covenant Reformed Church since November, 2002. Prior to coming to Kansas City, he helped plant a church in Grande Prairie, Alberta and served as its pastor from 1997-2002. He is the graduate of Redeemer University College in Ancaster, Ontario and Mid-America Reformed Seminary in Dyer, Indiana. He is married to Kim and is... read more
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Items Included

01 Nazirites and Knights (01) James B. Jordan
02 1 Timothy (01) Bill DeJong
03 Hair and Glory Burke Shade
04 1 Timothy (02) Bill DeJong
05 1 Timothy (03) Bill DeJong
06 More about Nazirites and Knights (02) James B. Jordan
07 Introduction Ephesians and New Perspective Mark Horne
08 Ephesians (01) Mark Horne
09 Modern Russian Orthodoxy and Heros Blake Purcell
10 More About Nazirites (03) James B. Jordan
11 Homoerotic and Tribal National and Empire Richard Bledsoe
12 Ephesians (02) Mark Horne
13 More about Russian Orthodoxy Blake Purcell