Trinity Covenant Church, Santa Cruz

Trinity Covenant Church is an evangelical and reformed church in Santa Cruz, CA.


Current Broadcast: John 17:1-5 "Knowing God"

Speaker: Troy Martin
Date: 8/2/2020
Type: Sunday Sermon

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2 Timothy 2:7-10 "Easter Sunday 2019" Troy Martin Sermon4/21/2019
Mark 11:1-11 "Palm Sunday: 2019" Troy Martin Sermon4/14/2019
2 Corinthians 1:8-20 "Why End Amen? The Doctrine of the Church" Troy Martin Sermon4/7/2019
Proverbs 15:8, 15:29, 28:9 "How do we pray?" Troy Martin Sermon3/31/2019
Philippians 1:1-19 "Why Do We Pray? The Doctrine of Adoption" Troy Martin Sermon3/24/2019
Revelation 8:1-8 "Where do we pray?" Troy Martin Sermon3/17/2019
John 17:1-26 "The Doctrine of Prayer" Troy Martin Sermon3/10/2019
Genesis 50:1-26 "The Point of Genesis" Troy Martin Sermon3/3/2019
Genesis 49:1-33 "Final Preparations" Troy Martin Sermon2/24/2019
Genesis 48:1-22 "Identity and Inheritance" Troy Martin Sermon2/17/2019
Genesis 46:1-34 "An Unforeseen Path" Troy Martin Sermon2/3/2019
Joshua Ron Myers Sermon1/27/2019
Genesis 45:1-28 "It is Enough" Troy Martin Sermon1/20/2019
Genesis 44:1-34 "Judah breaks Joseph" Troy Martin Sermon1/13/2019
Genesis 42:25-43:34 "A Patient and Relentless Sanctification" Troy Martin Sermon1/6/2019
Luke 1 and Matthew 1 "Christmas Courage" Troy Martin Sermon12/30/2018
Genesis 42:1-24 "A Broken Brotherhood" Troy Martin Sermon12/23/2018
Genesis 41:41-57 "Providence" Troy Martin Sermon12/16/2018
Genesis 41:1-42 "Redemption without Resentment Troy Martin Sermon12/9/2018
Genesis 40:1-23 "A Story of Resilience" Troy Martin Sermon12/2/2018
Genesis 38:1-30 "Gospel According to Judah" Troy Martin Sermon11/18/2018
Genesis 37:1-36 Joseph and the Story of Envy Troy Martin Sermon11/11/2018
Genesis 36:1-43 The Legacy of Esau Troy Martin Sermon11/4/2018
John 14:22-27 Paton: Having Peace, Being Fearless Troy Martin Sermon10/28/2018
1 Timothy 1:15-20 Ryle: Waging Good Warfare Troy Martin Sermon10/14/2018
Philippians 1:12-29 Spurgeon: Standing, Striving, Fearless Troy Martin Sermon10/7/2018
Genesis 35:1-29 "The House of God" Troy Martin Sermon9/30/2018
Genesis 34:1-31 "On Living in Canaan" Troy Martin Sermon9/23/2018
Genesis 33:1-20 "Jacob's Reconciliation" Troy Martin Sermon9/16/2018
Genesis 32:22-32 "God Wrestles" Troy Martin Sermon9/9/2018
Genesis 32:1-21 "Between Laban and Esau" Troy Martin Sermon9/2/2018
Genesis 31:17-55 "Jacob's Confession" Troy Martin Sermon8/26/2018
Genesis 30:26-31:16 "The Making for Israel" Troy Martin Sermon8/19/2018
Genesis 29:31-30:26 "Battle of the Wombs" Troy Martin Sermon8/12/2018
Genesis 29:15-30 "Laban's Legacy" Troy Martin Sermon8/5/2018
Genesis 29:1-15 "Laban's Legacy" Troy Martin Sermon7/29/2018
Philippians 1:27-30 Doug Matanelo Sermon7/22/2018
Matthew 28:16-20 "Disciples of Jesus" Ron Myers Sermon7/15/2018
Matthew 6:25-34 "Kingdom Seekers" Joe Carlson Sermon7/8/2018
Genesis 28:10-22 "Jacob's Ladder" Troy Martin Sermon7/1/2018
Genesis 26:34-35, 27:46-28:9 "Esau's Marriages" Troy Martin Sermon6/24/2018
Genesis 27:1-45 "Issac's Sin" Troy Martin Sermon6/10/2018
Genesis 26:1-33 "Blessings, Despite it All" Troy Martin Sermon6/3/2018
Genesis 25:11-34 "Ishmael, Issac, Esau" Troy Martin Sermon5/27/2018
Acts 2:1-21 "Pentecost 2018" Troy Martin Sermon5/20/2018