Firm Foundations Academy

At Firm Foundations, we believe that children are made in the image of God, Imago Dei; and that all students, including those that struggle to learn traditionally, should have access to schooling that teaches truth, beauty, and goodness. We offer a classically minded hybrid homeschool program that seeks to glorify God through educating all students, including those with diverse learning needs. We meet in Ephrata, PA and serve families in the Lancaster County and surrounding areas. Students attend Firm Foundations two days a week and work from home on structured assignments three days a week. We employ high academic standards based on the classical philosophy of education and utilize curricula and a methodology that purposes to educate the whole child. Our goal is to provide a sense of community, support, and resources to help all students within our program to have a positive and enriching educational experience.


Current Broadcast: A Renewed Vision for Vocation

Brandon  Gilanyi
Date: 5/20/2023
Type: Lecture
Topic: Vocation

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