Christ Church, Spokane

Christ Church, Spokane

A Reformed and Evangelical Church meeting in central Spokane.


Current Broadcast: Cruciform Ministry (13): Reality & Appearances

Date: 7/21/2024
Type: Sunday Sermon

Recent Broadcasts

Cruciform Ministry (13): Reality & Appearances Kenton Spratt Sermon7/21/2024
Cruciform Ministry (12): We Do Not Lose Heart (B) Kenton Spratt Sermon7/14/2024
Cruciform Ministry (11): To the Glory of God Kenton Spratt Sermon7/7/2024
Cruciform Ministry (10): We Do Not Lose Heart (A) Kenton Spratt Sermon6/30/2024
Cruciform Ministry (09): The Spirit Gives Life Kenton Spratt Sermon6/23/2024
Cruciform Ministry (08): Letters of Christ Kenton Spratt Sermon6/16/2024
John 14:15-31 Daniel Newman Sermon6/9/2024
Lord of the Sabbath Doug Matangelo Sermon6/2/2024
Cruciform Ministry (07): The Fragrance of His Knowledge Kenton Spratt Sermon5/26/2024
Cruciform Ministry (06): Pentecost & the Spirit's Work Kenton Spratt Sermon5/19/2024
Cruciform Ministry (05): Christ is God's Yes Kenton Spratt Sermon5/12/2024
Cruciform Ministry (04): Godly Sincerity Kenton Spratt Sermon5/5/2024
Cruciform Ministry (03): Trusting the God Who Raises the Dead Kenton Spratt Sermon4/28/2024
Cruciform Ministry (02): Comfort, Not Comfortable Kenton Spratt Sermon4/21/2024
Cruciform Ministry (01): Orienting Ourselves to the Cross Kenton Spratt Sermon4/14/2024
The Day of the Lord: As Destruction from the Almighty Samuel Davidson Sermon4/7/2024
Ezra - Nehemiah (21): Remember Kenton Spratt Sermon3/24/2024
Ezra - Nehemiah (20): To Praise and Give Thanks Kenton Spratt Sermon3/17/2024
Ezra - Nehemiah (19): Covenant Community Kenton Spratt Sermon3/11/2024
Ezra - Nehemiah (18): Who Keeps Covenant & Mercy Kenton Spratt Sermon3/3/2024
Ezra - Nehemiah (17): The Gladness of Remembering Kenton Spratt Sermon2/25/2024
Clean Contentment Douglas Wilson Sermon2/11/2024
Ezra - Nehemiah (15): Fighting Fear Kenton Spratt Sermon2/4/2024
Ezra - Nehemiah (13): Sword & Trowel Kenton Spratt Sermon1/21/2024
Ezra - Nehemiah (12): Prayer & Work Kenton Spratt Sermon1/14/2024
Ezra - Nehemiah (11): Covenant Prayer Kenton Spratt Sermon1/7/2024
Matthew's Advent (03): Naming Mary's Son Kenton Spratt Sermon12/31/2023
Matthew's Advent (02): Fourteen Generations Kenton Spratt Sermon12/24/2023
Matthew's Advent (01): Jesus' Genesis Kenton Spratt Sermon12/17/2023
Ezra - Nehemiah (10): Marriage Revival Kenton Spratt Sermon12/10/2023
Ezra - Nehemiah (09): Revival & Reformation Kenton Spratt Sermon12/3/2023
Ezra - Nehemiah (08): Seeking the Law of the Lord Kenton Spratt Sermon11/26/2023
Ezra - Nehemiah (07): The Lord Makes Us Joyful Kenton Spratt Sermon11/19/2023
Ezra - Nehemiah (06): Friends & Foes Kenton Spratt Sermon11/12/2023
Ezra - Nehemiah (05): Adversaries Kenton Spratt Sermon11/5/2023
Ezra - Nehemiah (04): For He Is Good Kenton Spratt Sermon10/29/2023
Ezra - Nehemiah (03): Worship Restored Kenton Spratt Sermon10/23/2023
Ezra - Nehemiah (02): Always Enough Kenton Spratt Sermon10/15/2023
Ezra-Nehemiah (01): The Word Fulfilled Kenton Spratt Sermon10/8/2023
More Than Conquerors Daniel Newman Sermon10/1/2023
The Fear of God (08): Living Fear Kenton Spratt Sermon9/24/2023
Fear of God (07): God's Treasure Kenton Spratt Sermon9/17/2023
Fear of God (06): No Other Fear Kenton Spratt Sermon9/10/2023
Fear of God (05): Be Afraid? Kenton Spratt Sermon9/3/2023
The Good Shepherd Lays Down His Life Samuel Davidson  8/20/2023
Called by Name Chris Cousine Sermon8/13/2023
Fear of God (04): Delighting in His Commandments Kenton Spratt Sermon8/6/2023
Fear of God (03): God's Delight Kenton Spratt Sermon7/30/2023
The Cross and Culture Keith Darrell Sermon7/23/2023
Fear of God (02): Surprising Joy Kenton Spratt Sermon7/16/2023
Fear of God (01): Hope Starts Here Kenton Spratt Sermon7/9/2023
Run with Joy (03): Our Present Treadmill Kenton Spratt Sermon7/2/2023
Run with Joy (02): Our Uncertain Future Kenton Spratt Sermon6/25/2023
Run with Joy (01): Our Inscrutable Past Kenton Spratt Sermon6/18/2023
Invest with Confidence Kenton Spratt Sermon6/12/2023
Trinity and Love Kenton Spratt Sermon6/4/2023
Peter's Pentecost Sermon Kenton Spratt Sermon5/28/2023
Ascension Sunday: Christ's Humiliation Kenton Spratt Sermon5/21/2023
Fruit of the Spirit (15): The Law of Christ Kenton Spratt Sermon5/14/2023
Fruit of the Spirit (13): Love-Gentleness Kenton Spratt Sermon5/1/2023
Fruit of the Spirit (12): Love-Faithfulness Kenton Spratt Sermon4/23/2023
Fruit of the Spirit (11): Love-Goodness Kenton Spratt Sermon4/16/2023
No Idle Tale Kenton Spratt Sermon4/9/2023
Fruit of the Spirit (10): Love-Kindness Kenton Spratt Sermon4/2/2023
Fruit of the Spirit (09): Love-Patience Kenton Spratt Sermon3/26/2023
Fruit of the Spirit (08): Love-Peace Kenton Spratt Sermon3/19/2023
Fruit of the Spirit (07): Love-Joy Kenton Spratt Sermon3/12/2023
Fruit of the Spirit (06): Love Kenton Spratt Sermon3/5/2023
Fruit of the Spirit (05): The Death of the Flesh Kenton Spratt Sermon2/26/2023
Fruit of the Spirit (04): The Fight Kenton Spratt Sermon2/19/2023
Fruit of the Spirit (03): Walking in the Spirit Kenton Spratt Sermon2/12/2023
Fruit of the Spirit (02): Forming the Character of Christ Kenton Spratt Sermon2/5/2023
Fruit of the Spirit (01): The Character of Christ Kenton Spratt Sermon1/29/2023
Reminders Before Transitioning Andre Fowlkes Sermon1/22/2023
Love Is Patient Kenton Spratt Sermon1/15/2023
Psalms We've Learned (73): The Death of Envy Kenton Spratt Sermon1/8/2023
Psalms We've Learned (113): The God Who Stoops Kenton Spratt Sermon1/1/2023
Psalms We've Learned (32): The Gift of Forgiveness Kenton Spratt Sermon12/25/2022
Psalms We've Learned (31): Deep Troubles & the Goodness of God Kenton Spratt Sermon12/18/2022
Psalms We've Learned (29): The Voice of the Lord Kenton Spratt Sermon12/11/2022
Loving the Psalms Kenton Spratt Sermon12/4/2022
Haggai - A Call to Build, Part 2 Andre Fowlkes Sermon11/27/2022
Haggai - A Call to Build, Part 1 Andre Fowlkes Sermon11/20/2022
I AM (07): The One to Drink the Cup Kenton Spratt Sermon11/13/2022
I AM (07): The True Vine Kenton Spratt Sermon11/6/2022
I AM (06): The Way, The Truth, & The Life Kenton Spratt Sermon10/30/2022
Growing Pains Andre Fowlkes Sermon10/23/2022
I AM (05): The Resurrection & The Life Kenton Spratt Sermon10/16/2022
I AM (04): The Sheep Gate & The Good Shepherd Kenton Spratt Sermon10/10/2022
I AM (03): The Light of the World Kenton Spratt Sermon10/2/2022
I AM (02): The Bread of Life Kenton Spratt Sermon9/25/2022
I AM (01): God's Name Kenton Spratt Sermon9/18/2022
The Kingdom Comes (19): The Anointing Andre Fowlkes Sermon9/11/2022
The Kingdom Comes (18): The Rejection Andre Fowlkes Sermon9/4/2022
Family Camp 2022: Session 3 (Christ the Cornerstone) Ben Merkle Sermon8/28/2022
Family Camp 2022: Session 2 (The Question of Education) Ben Merkle Lecture8/27/2022
Family Camp 2022: Session 1 (Fathers & Sons) Ben Merkle Lecture8/26/2022
The Kingdom Comes (17): The Antithesis, Pt. 2 Andre Fowlkes Sermon8/21/2022
The Kingdom Comes (16): The Antithesis Andre Fowlkes Sermon8/15/2022
The Kingdom Comes (15): The Sin Andre Fowlkes Sermon8/7/2022