In the Breaking of the Bread

Date: 5/24/2009
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In the Breaking of the Bread
Luke 24

On the Last week of Eastertide Season, and as we look forward to Pentecost, it is good to consider Luke's resurrection narrative of the travelers on the Emmaus Road.

We had hoped he would be the one to redeem Israel. How could we have been so wrong about this Jesus being the Christ?

Christ did redeem Israel, both politically and religiously (Col. 2). He opened the hearts and minds of the travelers. He refocused their thoughts around himself, and how his work was necessary. Then with their hearts burning he broke bread and was made known.

What about us? Is Christ able to say of us that we are slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken? When we come to the table of the Lord do we expect to meet Christ, because we have been been changed and shaped by the Word?

Jared Micah McNabb Jared McNabb (M.Div. Westminster Theological Seminary; B.A. Lancaster Bible College) is the pastor of Christ Church of Morgantown, (CREC) in Morganton, WV. He previously pastored St. Paul's Church (Millers, MD) and has served as a Pastoral Intern at All Saints Church (CREC) in Lancaster PA.