ETS 2006 - Christians in the Public Square (USB)

ETS 2006 - Christians in the Public Square (USB)
Organization: ETS National
Price: $199.00
Shipping: $8.00

Save thousands - $2702 for the CDs! Get the Entire 2006 58th Annual Meeting of Evangelical Theological Society - Christians in the Public Square. This includes 474 mp3s on one DVD-Rom disc with PDF files of the conference. Plenary sessions include: Barry Hawkins – Francis Shafer, Evangelical Politics, and the Changing Landscape of Church-State Studies
J. Budziszewski – True Tolerance and the Failure of Liberal Neutrality
Hugh Hewitt – God-Blogging: Christians in the New Public Square
Keith Pavlischek – Just War and the War on Terrorism: Reflections of a Scholar and a Marine
Presidential Address – Edwin M,. Yamauchi – Scripture as Talisman, Specimen, and Dragoman View all the sessions included in this set.

This is a USB drive containing all of the mp3s from this conference (to be shipped).