Why Did German Protestants Welcome Hitler s Accession to Power

Why Did German Protestants Welcome Hitler s Accession to Power
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About this Conference: Christians in the Public Square - The 58th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society held, November 15-17, 2006 in Washington, D.C. (over 460 mp3s) in the full set. Plenary sessions include speakers, John Piper, Barry Hawkins, J. Budziszewski, Hugh Hewitt, Keith Pavlishcek, and Edwin Yamauchi. Other notable speakers include Robert Culver, Joel Beeke, Robert Clouse, Linda Belleville, Stephen Nichols, Jo Ann Davidson, William Barker, Daniel Lane, Gregg Strawbridge, Calvin Beisner, Douglas Geivett, Richard Howe, Todd Beall, James Speigel, John Franke, Bruce Ware, Millard Erickson, John Carrick, Darell Bock, William Lane Craig, Wayne Grudem, Vern Poythress, R. Scott Smith, Peter Enns, Don Garlington, Andrew Das, Kenney Barker, Craig Blomberg, Gary Habermas, among many others.
Richard Pierard Richard V. Pierard (1934- ), was born in Chicago and raised in Richland, Washington where his father worked at the Manhattan Project's Hanford plutonium production facility. He served in the U.S. Army in Japan, earned a B.A. and M.A. in history from California State University-Los Angeles (1958, 1959) and a Ph.D. in modern European history from the University of Iowa (1964). He joined the faculty... read more