A Glimpse of His Glory

Speaker: Jeff Harlow
Date: 2/3/2008
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The Transfiguration of our Lord sets the pattern for living our lives between the down payment of glory bestowed upon us with the coming of Christ and the outpouring of the Spirit and the final glory of the great day of Resurrection. Just like our Lord and his disciples received a glimpse of his glory on the mount before Christ entered fully into his career of suffering, death, and burial, so too each of us is called to take up our cross and to endure affliction as good soldiers of Christ, until we receive the full payment of glory at the last day. This pattern is always repeated in the life of the Church. Small glory, followed by suffering and discouragement, followed by fullness of glory.
Jeff Harlow Jeff Harlow has served as the Pastor of Trinity Reformation Church in Salem, OR and several other congregtions.