Prepare the Way - Matt. 3:1-12

Speaker: Jeff Harlow
Date: 12/9/2007
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Prepare the Way
Matt. 3:1-12
A.Remember your connection to the saints of the Old Covenant
B.John the Baptist was the greatest of all the Old Covenant saints
C.The importance of John's vocation in Israel
D.The importance of John's example for the Church
II. John the Great Forerunner
A.The prophecy concerning John's mission
B.John's preparation for the ministry
C.How are you preparing your children for their vocations?
III. John's Baptism
A.The Kingdom, repentance, and baptism
B.John's identity with Elijah
C.The typology of John's baptism
IV. John's Preaching
A.“Repent for the kingdom is at hand!”
i.Promised Messiah is about to appear
ii.Israel's arrogant presumption will result in judgment
B.Blessings promised for those who make themselves ready to receive the Christ
V.John's Great Vocation (and the Church's)
A.John's greatness was because of his great vocation
B.John's vocation is yours as well – but you are greater and your vocation is greater
C.You are heralds of Christ calling all men to prepare themselves for His returning
VI. Conclusion
A.Make straight the way of the Lord
B.Be like John the Baptist as you wait for his appearing
Jeff Harlow Jeff Harlow has served as the Pastor of Trinity Reformation Church in Salem, OR and several other congregtions.