Death and Life at the Cross

Date: 11/11/2007
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Matthew 27:32-54
I. Introduction
II. Death and Life for Simon the Cyrene (vv. 32-33)
a. What we know about him (cf. Mark 15:21)
b. Simon’s conscription and later ministry? (Acts 11:20)
c. Simon’s family? (Acts 19:33; Romans 16:13)
III. Death and Life for Jesus (vv. 34-50)
a. Shame
b. Suffering
c. Guilt
IV. Death and Life for the World (vv. 51-54)
a. The torn veil
b. Earthquake and resurrection
c. The changing of the guard
V. Application
a. The Cross puts to death the things we once thought important and opens up the way of real living. Simon was in Jerusalem for Passover and most likely his old life passed away for something incomparably better.
b. As we know, Jesus died for us so that we might live for Him. Oftentimes we think of this in terms of our guilt, but this also includes our shame and our suffering. It all belongs to Him, and this is the case so that we might live.
c. By the death and resurrection of Christ, the world has changed. It is now in the process of having heavenly holiness and life spill out into it. In other words, we need to live as those in a new age, the Kingdom of God. This can’t be done, however, apart from the Cross and the pattern of death and resurrection.
VI. Conclusion
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