Conspiracy Theories and Fear

Date: 11/11/2007
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Introduction The Cross of Life - Past, Future, In, Out

Economics, Money and Banking by E. L. Hebden-Taylor; Privileging the Past

When Washington Shut Down Wall Street by William L. Silber

Conspiracy A Biblical View by Gary North

I. The Historical Context of Isaiah 8

A. Judgment

1. Death of Judah 587 BC

2. Sennacherib and Zion 701 BC (Isaiah 36,37; 2 Kings 18,19)

3. Death of Israel 721 BC (2 Kings 17)

4. Syro-Ephraimite Federation 735-733 BC (Isa. 7,8; 2 Kings `16)

B. Real Conspiracies

1 Kings 16:8-10; 2 Chr. 23:12-15; Jer. 11:9,10

C. Imagined Conspiracies

What Went Wrong? by Bernard Lewis

Romans 1 and 911 Paranoia is the cutting edge of the realization that all things are connected." Brian Downing Quig

Zeitgeist (Internet Movie)

II. The Text

A. A warning against focusing on real and imagined conspiracies.

Amos 7:10

B. A warning against the wrong sort of fear

Dt. 20:8; Jer. 10:2

C. An Admonition to Attend to the Real Conspirator, Yahweh, and His Hosts

D. An Admonition to the Proper Fear

Isa. 51:12,13; Dt. 4:7-10; Lk. 12:4-12

E. A Promise of Safety and Victory

Isa. 8:6,7

III. Application Psalm 131; Prov. 30:1-3; 29-33

Conclusion Ps. 2; Acts 2:22-28; 4:23-30

Dennis Tuuri Dennis Tuuri is the retired Pastor of Reformation Covenant Church, Oregon City, OR.