12 Covenant and Apostasy 1 JJM

Part 13 of a 14 part series.
Organization: Biblical Horizons
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From the 1996 Biblical Horizons Conference on Doorways and Passages. 13 mp3s in album, with notes, including James B. Jordan, A Study of Ezekiel 40-48 (5 mp3s), Peter J. Leithart, Studies in Baptism (3 mp3s), are review of the thought of Zizioulas and Milbank (1 mp3 each), and Jeff Meyers on Covenant and Apostasy (2 mp3s).

Jeffrey J. Meyers Jeffrey Meyers is pastor of Providence Reformed Church in St. Louis. He is the husband of one, and father of four, and author of The Lord's Service (Canon Press). Visit Providence Reformed online at .

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