The Structure of Matthew (2)

Part 12 of a 27 part series.
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Study the book of Matthew with one of the most talented theologians writing today. Dr. Peter Leithart explicates the structure of the book of Matthew in a two-part recording. 

From 2006 Conference on the Beginnings of the Apostolic Age...The speakers present fresh readings for New Testament books of Acts, Matthew, and James that draw a closer connection to the early Jewish context. James Jordan shows how the narrative of Acts closely parallel's the narrative of Luke. Peter Leithart furthered his thesis that Matthew is the first written Gospel, published shortly after Pentecost, for Jewish believers. Jeff Meyers expounded the implications of reading James as written by James the Son of Zebeddee to the Jewish Christians after the first major persecution of the church (the death of Stephen). Bill DeJong expounded the last chapters of 1 Samuel, how David must trust God to bring in the kingdom, and not give in to the temptation to take the kingdom for himself by killing Saul (or Saul-like Nabal). Richard Bledsoe spoke on how the new creation brought by Jesus means all relationships in the world can no longer be organized around the creation, but must now be organized around Himself for the glory of God.

Peter J. Leithart Peter Leithart received an A.B. in English and History from Hillsdale College in 1981, and a Master of Arts in Religion and a Master of Theology from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia in 1986 and 1987. In 1998 he received his Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge in England. He has served in two pastorates: He was pastor of Reformed Heritage Presbyterian Church (now Trinity Presbyterian... read more

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