Writing Metrical Psalms 1 Detail Matters

Date: 6/29/2022
Type: Lecture
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Though delivered third, this is the proper introduction to the subject. It should be followed by "Ideals and Goals" from Psalm Tap 2020, then by "No Lame Sacrifice" from Psalm Tap 2021.
Original video:
1. Detail Matters: Introduction to poetic translation (Psalm Tap 2022)
2. Ideals and Goals for Metrical Psalms: Reasons for better metrical psalms (Psalm Tap 2020)
3. No Lame Sacrifice: How to write metrical psalms (Psalm Tap 2021)
Donald P. Owens II Donald has written poetry all his life, and his versifications have been published in several Psalters including Cantus Christi 2020 , and Treasury for Psalms and Hymns . While pastoring a NY church for 9 years, he introduced the congregation to Psalm-singing. He is an apologist for the English language and for singing the Psalms well. He resides with his wife and children in Lancaster County, PA,... read more