Pre-Release Sale! ETS 2022 - Holiness

Pre-Release Sale! ETS 2022 - Holiness
Speaker: John Oswalt
Date: 10/28/2022
Type: Lecture
Topic: Holiness
Organization: ETS National
Price: $500.00 $199.99
Shipping: Free Shipping

Have you attended the Evangelical Theological Society National Meeting in Denver, CO, but realize you weren't be able to see all the sessions?  Or, maybe you would have loved to go, but couldn't make it this year?  Once recordings become available, you'll be able to download or stream from your WordMp3 account however you'd like!   

This is a pre-release purcahse for the collection of recordings from the Evangelical Theological Society's conference (Nov 15-17, 2022, Denver, CO) with the theme "Holiness." This collection includes over 600 digitally recorded sessions. Several plenary addresses featured:

  • John N. Oswalt, Asbury Theological Seminary, "Holliness: The Goal of Human Life"

  • Michael A. G. Haykin, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, “War with the hydra of Antinomianism”: The Baptist Tradition and the Pursuit of Holiness in the Long Eighteenth Century

  • Han-luen Kantzer Komline, Western Theological Seminary, "Holiness and the Christian Life: An Augustinian Perspective"

View the  complete ETS program and schedule here.


John Oswalt is affiliated with Asbury Theological Seminary and served as a presenter at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, held in Fort Worth TX with the theme of Wealth and Poverty.