Black Friday Sale - Full Access, One Year Subscription

Black Friday Sale - Full Access, One Year Subscription
Organization: Membership
Price: $480.00 $99.97

A Full-Access Subscription to WordMp3 is normally $40/month - this weekend only, you can grab it for $99.97!  Subscribers will gain access to the library, including 25,000 audio recordings.  Download or stream individual mp3s as often as you would like!



  • Over 10,000 Evangelical Theological Society conference proceedings on biblical, theological, historical, cultural recordings from 2004-2021
  • Over 500 Evangelical Philosophical Society (Craig, Habermas, McGrath, Moreland, Plantinga, et al, included in the ETS collection)
  • Over 500 Near East Archaeological Society presentations (included in the ETS collection)
  • Over 2000 Covenant Media talks (260 of those by Greg Bahnsen) - philosophy and apologetics resources 
  • Over 1750 Biblical Horizons talks (James B. Jordan) 
  • Over 850 Classical Education talks (Association of Classical and Christian Schools, George Grant, Douglas Wilson, etc.)
  • Over 690 Reflections Ministry talks (Ken Boa, including the Great Books discussions)
  • Over 270 Theopolis Institute courses (Peter J. Leithart)
  • Over 200 Chalcedon Foundation talks (R.J. Rushdoony)
  • Over 170 talks by George Grant
  • Scores of other smaller collections!

Most of these cost $4 per talk. To buy each item would cost well over $50,000!

Fine Print: Full Access Subscriptions are manually adjusted by the WordMp3 team, and therefore it may take a couple hours for you to see evidence of the Full Access Subscription in your account.  One-Year Full Access Subscriptions will be good from purchase date through November 30, 2023, but will not include ETS 2023 (yet to be recorded). You will receive a welcome email when it's all set up.  Sale ends Monday, November 28, 2022. (11:59 pm EST).  While subscribers will have access to all the content on our site, they will not be able to download full collections at once, only individual talks at a time.  Questions?  Send an email to