-Complete Digital Library of ETS USB (2004-2021) (1000+ mp3s)

-Complete Digital Library of ETS USB (2004-2021) (1000+ mp3s)
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Includes ETS 2021 (Wealth and Poverty), ETS 2020 (Christianity and Islam) and ETS Eastern 2021 (Scripture through Westen Eyes). This is a USB drive with over 100 GB of conference recordings (comes on a 128 GB USB thumbdrive). The drive is organized with folders of each event, including the conference program (PDF), a data sheet of the presentations, and all the sessions (mp3s) named as the file name, with searchable tags with speakers, years, locations, and titles. The complete digital recordings of the Evangelical Theological Society (National and some Regional 2004-2021) available through See more here - ETS Collection.This includes all of these and more.

The owner of the Library Subscription (USB) may make this available in their library for students to copy the audio files or listen to them without restriction. However, users may not post the material elsewhere or seek to sell it without written permission. They may make copies for their personal use only.