Shipping to UK - Classical and Christian Education (10 Copies)

Shipping to UK - Classical and Christian Education  (10 Copies)
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This booklet has sold over 50,000 copies! Now it has been revised and updated with the actual success stories and statistics of classical education outcomes. Note: Please contact us for bulk orders and discounts.

Words from a few friends:

Those looking for a brief, readable introduction to classical and Chris- tian education have now found it. Gregg Strawbridge does an admirable job of clearly explaining this resurgent (and potent) philosophy of education within the compass of just a few pages.
—Douglas Wilson, author of Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning

According to Gregg Strawbridge in this very helpful booklet, it is simply a conscious return to those academic disciplines and methodologies which helped to spark the great cultural flowering of West- ern Christendom over the past thousand years, emphasizing the ba- sic thinking and character skills necessary to launch young men and women on a lifetime journey of growth and learning. If that seems to be a bit of a mouthful, just dip into these pages and discover how down-to-earth this common sense approach to excellence in education can be—and then imagine how its application might bring about a new flowering in our culture.
—George Grant,Ph.D.,