IVIew Podcast - A New Option: Redemption Seminary

Date: 1/21/2021
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Type: Interview
Topic: Seminary
Organization: Reformation Resources
Price: FREE

A new seminary with great resources from Logos Bible Software (Faithlife). Get $26,000 worth of resources and a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies for $8,000! Listen to the discussion with the President of Redemption Seminary with Dr. John Schwandt. If you are interested in getting a biblical or theological training and a degree, this is an absolute essential listen.

John D. Schwandt John D. Schwandt (D.Min., M.A., B.L.A.) is President of Redemption Seminary (since 2018). He has served as the Executive Director of Mobile Education for Faithlife. Before coming to Faithlife, he was one of the original professors at New Saint Andrews College (Moscow, ID) where he taught Greek and New Testament for 17 years. His publications include the... read more