A Question Mark Over My Head: Learning From the Narratives of Female Theologians in the Evangelical Academy

Date: 7/23/2015
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Type: Lecture
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This lecture presents the findings of a qualitative study of women in evangelicalism, using the Evangelical Theological Society's 2014 annual meeting as the research site. Themes from the research include a feeling of being stuck in the middle or marginalized; a need for networks, mentors, and supportive spouses and/or colleagues; combatting a lack of respect and lack of welcome; and navigating a space of entrenched complementarianism. This session also presents possible future steps for action for those who are interested in the evangelical academy and church.

Emily Zimbrick-Rogers Emily Louise Zimbrick-Rogers was the 2014-15 research intern for CBE International. She conducted a case study of women in evangelicalism at the Evangelical Theological Society, which was published by CBE as “‘A Question Mark Over My Head’: Experiences of Women ETS Members at the 2014 ETS Annual Meeting.” A recent graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, Emily is an independent... read more