Eve as a "Type" of Christ: Reframing Power, Identity & Gender in 1 Timothy 2

Date: 8/1/2019
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Type: Lecture
Topic: 1 Timothy 2
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1 Timothy 2 is often taken for granted as “the” text that clearly bars women from holding positions of leadership in the church. The debate at large is too frequently reduced to the meaning of terms such as “authority” and “teaching,” as well as the grammatical relationship between them. Although these are an important part of the larger discussion, I will propose another angle of approach. Using a theological interpretative approach, I will evidence a typological relationship between Eve and Christ & discuss some of the implications for our understanding of human power & identity.

Allison Quient Allison Quient is a former CBE intern and is currently beginning her PhD in Systematic Theology with a minor in New Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary.